My Morning Routine & Free New eBook!

A month or so ago my friend Jonothon Kneeper reached out to me about my morning routine, mentioning that he was compling data for a book he was writing. I’m happy to say the book, Win Your Dayis live on Amazon and you can get it for free today (Feb. 4th)! It has lots of great information from all sorts of folks on how they start their day. I’ve always had an interest in morning routines and have placed a big focus on mine as a way to make sure I start my day off right.

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The Great Freelancing Advice I Never Took

This is an excerpt from my upcoming eBook, Freelance 101.

Because I started freelancing at age 15, I would often struggle with what I would do after I graduated from college. I could start my own business and freelance full time, or I could get a “real” job. At one point while I was in the throws of this existential crisis, my dad and I went to dinner with a family friend who happened to be starting his own business. This friend, who was close to my dad’s age with two kids of his own, offered me some advice. I, being the headstrong early 20-something male, promptly disregarded it. It wasn’t until I was towards the end of my 20s that I realized it was some of the best advice I never took.

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Can You Go 2 Hours without a Screen Every Day?

When I was down in Florida, my brother and our friends told me about something they started doing every day: 2 Hours of No Screen Time. The idea is that for 2 hours every day, they forget about their phones, their computers, the TV, and any other screen they otherwise spend too much time in front of. Instead, they do something outside, or read, or some other low-tech activity. I loved this idea so much I’ve decided to start doing it as well.

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The Curious Thing About Running

I do not like running. I never have. It’s hard and it takes me a long time. Running is something I was never good at, even when I was on  Track & Field (emphasis on Field). I’m a bulky guy – overweight but also a broad build. Running is rough on my legs. It’s an activity I get no enjoyment out of. But something curious is happening. I ran my first half marathon in October. I just ran another last week. And I’m signing up for more.

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An Intro to Freelance 101

One of my goals for 2016 is to publish a new book. I actually have 3 separate ideas, including an update to Responsive Design with WordPress. However, there is a book that I have wanted to put out for over 6 years, with a first draft already done. Originally called The Student Freelancer, it covers a lot about how to get started as a freelancer, from to setting up your business to pricing. It also covers how to make the most out of freelancing throughout school. I’ve decided to rename it Freelance 101 and release it this year.

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