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April 17th, 2014

About my Headshot & its Photographer, Phil Casabona

I’m pretty fond of my headshot. I think it looks good and represents me well; granted, about 2 days after it was taken I stopped wearing glasses in favor of contacts, but still. It’s a good headshot. Since it’s being used in a lot more places now (my books, mu job’s employee directory, and various social networks and blogs I write for), I figured I’d tell you a little about it, and recognize the photographer, my brother Phil Casabona.

The headshot was taken on July 16th, 2013 for the main purpose of using it for my book, Responsive Design with WordPress. My previous one was a bit dated and taken with my Mac’s webcam, and while I think I did a good job taking it, it was not professional grade. I also wanted to integrate my white fedora into the picture because I decided that would be my “thing.” That has worked out pretty well, actually!

Anyway, my brother lived in Astoria, Queens, NY at the time and we were meeting up that day so I could pick up Google Glass, so I told him to bring his camera so he could take a new headshot for me. We found a brick wall in an ally somewhere in lower Manhattan and he took a few that day. He later sent me the best and we both agreed that the first one should be used:

joe 1 joe 2 joe 3 joe 4

It has become one of my favorite photos of me so I just wanted to take a moment on here to thank my brother for taking the shot. You can see more of his work in two places:

He’s currently based on Glens Falls, NY and has a few gallery showcases there if you want to see his work in real life.

April 11th, 2014

Announcing the eBook Giveaway Winner!

The results are in for my 3 eBook giveaway and the winner Kevin Jones!

Congratulations to Kevin and thanks to everyone who entered here and on Twitter. If you didn’t win, you can still get 35% off Responsive Design with WordPress when you order from Peachpit and use the code RWDWP. For all of my books you can go to:

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

April 2nd, 2014

Win All 3 of my Books in this eBook Give Away!

With the weather getting nicer here in the Northeast (finally), me moving to @wpengine (finally), and some extra codes sitting around for electronic copies of my books, I decided I it would be nice to ring in Spring with a give away! Read on to see how you can win a eBook version of all three of my books: Building WordPress Themes from Scratch, Responsive Design with WordPress, and The Web Designer’s Guide to Google Glass.

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March 24th, 2014

Now Powered by WP Engine!

Feature-FastIf you’re reading this, it means you’re now seeing my site being hosted by WP Engine! It’s a move I’ve been meaning to make for a while now (especially since meeting all of you fantastic people at WordCamp Phoenix) and this weekend seemed like a good time to do it. So why did I move from Dreamhost and why did I choose WP Engine? Good questions!

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March 20th, 2014

What Android Wear Means for Websites

This week Google announced that they are bringing Android  to wearable technology. This is already been a big topic of discussion (one I’ve actually spoken on a few times) and Google feels it’s the next big step in technology; I share those sentiments and have been pretty open about them. I own a Jawbone UP and Google Glass, and a smart watch has been on my radar for a while. With the new Android Wear project, it will be even easier to create wearables, and even better, create wearables using Android. This could have some big implications, not only for app developers, but also web developers.

Responsive Web Design is all but an ubiquitous term in the web development world right now; coders and clients alike are focusing on making websites that look good on smartphones and tablets. There is just recently a focus on moving up to bigger screens, but what about screens so small that the interactions are limited to voice and swipe?

In my recent ebook, The Web Designer’s Guide to Google GlassI discuss the importance of considering these types of devices early on the web development process. Yes, it’s true that less than 1% of people have Google Glass and that wearables are just beginning to permeate the market; even fewer have a viable screen to view websites on. I think with Android Wear, this will change. Google is integrating Google Now into everything it’s doing, and at it’s core Google Now is an extension of search; browser support is as inevitable as it is foreseeable and we need to start thinking about how people will use our websites on these smaller devices.

With Google Glass, you have a touch panel on the right side of your head which you can use in conjunction with moving your head to “look around” a website. At this point, you can’t interact with forms, submit information, etc. Perhaps that will change in the future. I think Google Glass and wearables in general are more about delivering content in a readable, easy to consume way.

I’m excited to see what Android Wear as to offer as far as features and functionality. I think this will be a big step in a new direction in technology and in the web.