Capture Listener Input with Zapier and Google Sheets (Podcast Liftoff Preview)

Ever wonder how you can automatically get listener (or reader) input using Twitter hashtags? Wonder no more. You can do it quickly with Zapier and Google Sheets. This is a free preview from the Podcast Liftoff. Podcast Liftoff ( just got a HUGE update to show you how to create consistent content for your podcast, …

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One Great Way to Build Your Email List with Bud Kraus

Lately on this show we’ve been focusing on big picture stuff, but it’s really the small changes that make a big difference. Proof of that is Bud Kraus. He was trying to grow his newsletter and got nowhere….until he made a small change that grew it over 1,000 people in one year. Bud spills is secrets in this episode and tells you how you can do it too.

Writing Faster Newsletters with Zapier, Pocket, and Evernote

Over the past year or so, I’ve made a concerted effort to grow my mailing list. After lots of conventional wisdom from podcast guests, blog posts, and online courses, I felt it wasn’t really an option to ignore the advice! But one of the hurdles for me was actually putting together the newsletter. It was …

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Live Stream October 08, 2020

I discuss my course create process as I get ready to launch the update for Podcast Liftoff ( Tools mentioned: * Stream Deck: * Mind Note for mind mapping: * Canva for graphics: * LearnDash for LMS: * eCamm Live for Streaming: Source

Harnessing Tech to Grow a Business with Joy Beam and Gareth Yoder

Chester County boasts an amazingly diverse economy with strong, vibrant businesses ranging from pharma and medical technology to manufacturing, and from world class professional services to farming. We sat down with Joy Beam and Gareth Yoder of Cedar Meadow Meats to hear how they are harnessing technology to pivot their beef farm to a COVID-19 […]

Why isnt’ Apple Podcasts Showing All of My Episodes?

Is Apple Podcasts (and other podcast players) only showing your 10 most recent episodes? Not sure why? Luckily there’s a quick and easy fix! This video shows you how to fix the issue using WordPress, but it can be applied to whatever you use to managed your podcast feed. Learn more about podcasting: Source

Evolving Membership Offerings with Brian Krogsgard

I love talking to Brian Krogsgard. And if you need proof, we had a SUPER long pre-show that I’m going to release as bonus content when I roll out the Build Something Membership.

And speaking of, that’s the main topic for today’s conversaiton with Brian: building membership through community. We talk all about how Post Status has changed since we last spoke, alll the way back in Episode 3. We get into building the membership, innovating, and what keeps your members from churning.

A Commitment to Information Communication with Josh Maxwell

As the challenging effects of COVID-19 continue across southeast Pennsylvania and beyond, many businesses and non-profits are still struggle to cope. We sat down with Josh Maxwell, one of three Chester County Commissioners, to talk about what the county government is doing to support the local business economy.

Create Professional Photo Galleries with WordPress and Modula

If you’re looking to create professional, fast, and secure galleries with WordPress, look no further that Modula. This is an excellent plugin that allows you to add watermarks, create private galleries, and has extensive options for customizations. Let’s take a look! Get Modula: [This is a sponsored video] Source