I’m Returning to the World of Full Time Self-Employment

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Six years ago when I got a job at The University of Scranton, it was a little bittersweet. For 2 years following my Masters Degree, I was self-employed. The thing that lead me to look for a new job was that I was working out of my parents’ house, and honestly, time was running out on staying on their insurance plan. Leaving that world was sad, but I was excited at the notion of working with a team. After 3 years at the university, I felt I was ready to do something different and more challenging.

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Yet Another Post About Work Life Balance

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I’m lucky to have a wonderful view from my downtown Scranton apartment. Across the street is a law office and sometimes I can see people working at their desks or milling around in the office. Last Saturday I was working on a pet project of mine, when I looked out the window from my desk and noticed someone in her office, working. On a Saturday! The horror! Then I thought back and realized that office’s light is on an awful lot – early mornings, late at night, most Saturdays (but rarely Sundays). How could someone work like this? Then I came to another realization: I noticed these things while sitting at my desk, working.

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Have Passion in what You Do

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Recently I turned 30 and I thought about writing a blog post about the ‘event’. I offer a lot of advice on this site so I figured I’d post an article called, “30 Things I Learned by 30” or something like that. I wasn’t really in love with the idea, but it was the best I had. That is, until someone referred to me as a, “Disney Freak.”

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College is not the Best Time of your Life

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We are at the end of April, which means a few things. Soon I’ll be able to smoke cigars on the roof of my building. The sun will be out regularly. People will be graduating from high school and college. When I was in school I heard, “Enjoy college. It’s the best time of your life.” When I was graduating, I heard that we needed to savor every moment of our senior year because, “College is the best time of our lives.” And now ever year since I started teaching college, I’ve heard the same things from students. I’m here to tell you something very important: College is not the best time of your life.

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Have a Daily Schedule when Working from Home

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Working remotely is fantastic; you have a lot of freedom to work anywhere you want, create your own schedule (more or less) and overall have a better work-life balance. However, it can also have its drawbacks. It means that you are probably working from home most of the time, and that can blur the line between when you work and when you don’t. It can be easy to get sucked in and ‘just do this real quick’, especially if you like the work you’re doing. That’s why it’s important to have a schedule or routine when you work from home.

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