Learning HTML and CSS (with My New Book, Out Now!)

I’ve always been a learn-by-doing kind of guy. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking about other things when something is explained to me, or maybe people are bad at explaining things. But either way, a concept doesn’t really sink in until I do it, or until I see an immediate application for it. When I learned …

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Web Development Resources, Summer 2013

I have a ton of bookmark folders to help keep myself organized, though to be honest I usually bookmark something and then forget about it. So, while looking through some of my folders, I can across a good amount of web development resources I’ve been keeping. I’ve decided to share them.

State Drop Down box

Today, working on a project, I searched for a ‘State Drop Down Box’ for a form. Believe it or not, I couldn’t really find one, and had to ‘borrow’ own. So figured why not add one that is easy to get to my site. on top of Code I have added ‘Code Cips as a …

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