The 7 Day Work Week

It used to be the case that Sunday truly was a day of rest. Shops closed, people went to church, had an early dinner, and called it a day. Then stores started to stay open on Sundays. The hours got longer. Now some places are open 24 hours, 5 days a week. Some 24/7. It …

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On Writing Email

Email correspondence is my normal and most practiced form of communication because of the convenience for both parties. It allows you to quickly send a message to someone and know (in most cases) they will get it the next time they check their inbox. I feel it’s also better than instant messaging or phone conversations …

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Alex King on E-Mail

According to alex, you should have 3 e-mail accounts….I have about 7. I use like 4 and have them all forwarded to one address. I have a business, a personal, a spam and an email address for Casabona.Org which is somewhere in between business and personal. Later! read more | digg story