Why Descript Buying SquadCast is Great for Podcasters

Descript made a big splash on Tuesday by announcing they acquired the popular remote recording service, SquadCast.

Something I couldn’t stop thinking about after Riverside, SquadCast’s biggest competitor, launched edit via transcripts is how it felt like they’re trying to eat Descript’s lunch.

After all, Descript has made a name for itself as the easiest way to edit your podcast. Before that app, for most podcasters editing was a tedious fever dream of scrubbing wave files and hoping for the best.

Then Descript came along and made editing audio as easy as editing a Google Doc.


Riverside made its name as being an incredibly reliable, usually easy, way to record the highest-level quality audio possible…but they wanted to be a one stop shop.

Meanwhile, it was starting to feel like Descript lost the thread. Studio Sound is a revelation, but then they redesigned the app to be more video focused. They started adding more AI features…like Eye Contact.

What are they doing?

So when they announced this acquisition yesterday, I was happy to see a great return to form.

Descript + SquadCast looks like it’s going to be an incredible tool for podcasters to greatly improve their process. Record in SquadCast, automatically get those files in Descript, and use a familiar interface to edit AND publish…as seamlessly as possible.

The best part is that SquadCast is included in Descript’s plans (at least for now). That makes it a very competitive, very compelling offer.

Riverside is one of the few services I pay for annually, so I have until November.

But I have a hard time seeing myself staying with Riverside. SquadCast being part of Descript effectively cuts my costs in half.

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