Do You Need a Contract for Podcast Sponsorship?

Contracts can be a scary and confusing thing…especially when the relationship is strictly ad placement on your own podcast. Listener Erin recently wrote in to ask about podcast sponsor contracts, and while I am not a lawyer, I’m happy to share my own experience. In this episode I:  Answer if you actually need a contract…

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What Continuity Camera Means for Podcasters

My latest piece for The Podcast Host is up and in it, I explore using the iPhone as a native Webcam further. I also dive into what this could mean for podcasters, as video podcasting becomes increasingly popular.

If you create content that will eventually move to a video-forward platform, having a good camera is important. For most people, their iPhone is their best camera.

In fact, Apple first introduced 4K video in their iPhone 6 line, all the way back in 2015!

As a podcaster, you can start integrating good videos into your recording process without having to spend a ton of money on a fancy 4K camera.

Podcasters Poised to Benefit from YouTube

My latest piece for The Podcast Host is up, and it’s all about how YouTube has rolled out their Podcasts page:

We can see from that leaked presentation that YouTube plans to leverage two things it’s very good at for podcasters: monetization and analytics.

If your podcast is on YouTube, there could be an opportunity to monetize through ads, memberships, or their “Super” features, which allow direct donations. For podcasters who have trouble monetizing through other methods, this could be a big boon.

ConvertKit Rolls Out Sponsor Network (The Podcast Host)

My latest piece for The Podcast Host is up, and I cover ConvertKit’s Sponsor Network, how it compares to Substack, and what it means for podcasters:

If you’re wondering, “how can I take advantage of this network,” the short answer is you need to meet the three criteria above, first and foremost. But if we play the slightly long game, my recommendation is to build your mailing list on ConvertKit.

According to our Podcaster Cares Survey, only 40% of podcasters feel a mailing list is a must-have. Programs like this may change that calculus, especially because of what’s coming.

Read the whole thing here.

I Break Down the Podcast Movement 2022 Schedule

Podcast Movement, perhaps the biggest podcast industry event, has announced its speaker lineup for 2022. The event, August 23-26, 2022 in Dallas, TX, USA, has dozens of tracks, hands-on workshops, and talks. Let’s take a look at the schedule and some of the must-see talks.

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Analyzing The Creators Survey (TPH)

My latest piece for The Podcast Host is up; I look at Sounds Profitable’s The Creators survey and what it means for the future of podcasting:

Published in late June, The Creators is a research study from Sounds Profitable, in partnership with Edison Research, that sampled data from 617 U.S.-based weekly podcaster listeners who currently produce, or have ever produced, a podcast. They are all age 18 or older and are a subset from Edison Podcast Metrics, which gathers data from 8,000 podcast consumers per year…In other words, it’s the first credible study that gives us a good look at who podcast creators are and how they work.

Read the whole thing here

PHP for Non-Programmers (New LinkedIn Course)

I have a new course on LinkedIn Learning called “PHP for Non-Programmers” and I’m real excited to see it launch!

While I have a few other PHP courses in the library, this one takes the approach of teaching someone who has never even seen code before. It was a fun challenge to try to re-explain concepts I’ve known for nearly 20 years to someone who knows absolutely nothing about programming, and it was one of my favorite courses to develop.

Check it out!

What Increased CPM Could Mean for Small Podcasters

I have a piece up on The Podcast Host today noting some recent news about how CPM has increased for podcasts. And while that’s great, if you’re getting less than 1,000 downloads (or less than 100), it may not mean much.

Head over to The Podcast Host to learn: how CPM works, what this means for you and how you could benefit, and if CPM is even right for you.

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Do You Really Need a WordPress Podcast Plugin?

Over on the Crocoblock Blog, I have an article on answering an important question: do you really need a podcast plugin for WordPress? From the piece:

The most significant thing podcast plugins do is create a valid RSS feed specifically for your podcast. This is the feed you will submit to Apple Podcasts and other directories, with some requirements. It needs tags for: title, description, author, artwork, category (which must map to an Apple Podcast category), and if the show is explicit or not.

Plus, podcast apps have many podcaster-friendly features you want to take advantage of. Things like donation links, where people can go to send you money or join your membership, transcripts, and feed locking.

Read the whole thing here.