I was on Seeking Satisfaction with Jennifer Bourn

My friend Jennifer Bourn has launched her new podcast, Seeking Satisfaction. Seeking Satisfaction looks at the systems that power successful businesses and fulfilled lives, going behind the scenes with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals to discover how they juggle work and life, manage clients and kids, handle stress, and tackle unexpected challenges. Here’s a little teaser from our interview:

I Just want to reinforce one point really quick, and that is that I had this network already and I provided value to these people. Right. I wasn’t just tapping them for work. I think that’s probably if you take one thing away from this conversation, it’s the importance of building a good network of relationships with people because that’s what has helped me the most. And that’s, long-term too — I just had my best month income-wise and I didn’t do any outreach for it. It was just people who had a budget for creators.

It was a delightful chat about the pressures of full-time content creation, monetizing podcasts, anxiety, therapy, and getting help. Be sure to listen and subscribe!

Kinsta Academy Launch

Kinsta has launched its own free academy of courses, ebooks, and other resources. I had the honor and great pleasure of developing one of the inaugural courses: How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website:

Learn actionable advice and tools to improve your website’s load time and performance. Understand the basics of website speed, including what affects your page load time, to enhance your knowledge about improving your site. And once you get the gist of it, follow our tried-and-tested techniques to get the very best performance from your site.

I’m proud to stand alongside Allie Nimmons and Andrea Zoellner to help launch the first 3 courses in the library.

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I was on WP Tavern’s Jukebox

Nathan Wrigley invited me on Jukebox by WP Tavern and it was a real treat. We got to talk all about podcasting, and then how WordPress fits into launching a running a podcast. Here’s my favorite bit from the interview:

It goes back to that first question you asked me…why shouldn’t somebody start a podcast? If you’re just doing it for the money and the glory, you’re in for a long, frustrating ride. But if you’re doing it because you want to tell the world about this thing that you’re super passionate about, then yeah, it’s a grind, but it’s a grind where you get to talk about this thing that you love. And that is what’s going to make an audience connect with you, and that is what’s going to get your podcast to grow.

Check out the whole interview here.

Troubleshoot and Repair Your WordPress Website (New Course)

My latest LinkedIn Learning course is out now, and it’s all about how to troubleshoot and repair your WordPress site. You can think of it as the owner’s manual for when something breaks! From the description:

…Owning your platform also comes with a few drawbacks—mainly, if something breaks, you’re on the hook to find a fix yourself. In this course, WordPress expert Joe Casabona shares his repair manual for addressing problems with your site. He starts with preventative measures you should take before trouble strikes, and explains some tried-and-true troubleshooting methods. Of course, something will eventually need fixing, and Joe addresses some of the most common WordPress issues you’re likely to run into.

Check it out and be sure to bookmark it for reference when disaster strikes!

Other Helpful Tools for Freelancers (WordPress Toolkit Part 2)

Last week I told you about my must-use tools for my WordPress freelance toolkit. But that’s not the end of the WordPress toolkit story. There are thousands, maybe millions, of plugins and features out there. And today I want to give you the rest of the best, as well as some honorable mentions for tools to add to your WordPress freelance toolkit.

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I was on the GoWP Digital Agency Owners Podcast

We talk about the value of finding community, being a teacher and having empathy for your students, the importance of content and how business owners can learn from Walt Disney, and much more! From the show:

I will pick this lesson from the Pantheon of, of Walt Disney lessons. Walt Disney insisted that all of their animations from a certain time on, especially all of their movies were done in color and he got pushback from other people saying, no one has color TVs, this technology isn’t around yet. Walt understood that there would be that technology. And if they didn’t do it now, then they’d have to go back and redo it or be, you know, behind the times. And so Walt was very forward-thinking there, but the lesson that I would want people to take is if you are going to do something, do it well.

I was on Castos’ Audience Podcast

We talked about starting a paid members-only podcast, as well as how to stay consistence, and what I think it means to respect podcasting:

My website has been the thing that’s worked for me the most. It’s the one place that I know I can send people to and they’ll get everything they need. The transcripts are on there. I’ll tell you, this is the God’s honest truth. When I added transcripts to my podcast, I saw an increase in downloads. And for me, the thing that’s worked is showing up and answering the questions, right? Because then people share that. And I guess that more than anything is the thing that works for me.

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