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A week or so ago, Gina Trapani wrote on her website about AppBrain, an Android app that inventories your apps, makes recommendations, and makes it easier to manage them. I installed it and played around with it, and have go to say, I’ve actually started using it more than the native Marketplace App. Read my review after the jump!

AppBrain has several features I really like- number one being that I can “install” apps from my computer. I add an app to my list, go to my phone and sync AppBrain to install. Same thing goes for uninstalling, which makes batch installs/uninstalls MUCH easier.

On top of that and the same features offered by the native Marketplace App, AppBrain offers two really cool features. The first is the recently views apps. They can show you apps that were just (I’m assuming within the last hour or so) viewed on the website, as well as the most popular ones over the last 24 hours and last 7 days. The other cool AppBrain feature is that it will make recommendations for you based on your current apps.

You can view a list of my apps here, or check out the phone below! Feel free to post your app lists/recommendations in the comments.

2 thoughts on “AppBrain for Android”

  1. I won’t deny that when I first got my HTC Hero I was excited about using apps & I stumbled upon AppBrain. First of all, it was way better than the actual Android marketplace & secondly it was hyped by alot of people. Unfortunately, AppBrain isn’t as good as other marketplaces out there because it’s to average for me. If you’re into features then I suggest using RawApps!

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