Hell Boy- 7.8/10

Yes- I was pleasently surprised by the movie. I went in thinking it was over done, but didnt know to much about the comic. At first I thought it dealt to much with the paranormal and that kind of weird stuff. But hey, it worked for ghostbusters, right? This also dealt with religious stuff. What really made me like the movie was one of the last sceens. Myers, who in essence i guess was Hell Boy’s “partner” said, “Your Father GAVE you a choice.” Which could be taken a few different ways. The acting was decent. Selma Blair was Selma Blair. And some of the jokes were lame. Those one liners you usually find me saying. haha. But all in all the movie was good. There was this one Nazi guy was freakin nuts with these blades. He was pretty cool. O yeah, and it ended with Myers saying, “What makes a man a man?…not how he starts things, but the decision he makes to end them…” So see it if you want, but i wouldnt say its a MUST SEE. Later.

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