Heading to WordCamp US? Listen to These Speakers Ahead of Time!

I’ve been lucky to have some fantastic guests on my podcast, How I Built It (over 100, in-fact)! Many of them are active in the WordPress space, and a select few will be speaking at WordCamp US this weekend. If you’re traveling to Nashville, take some time and listen to them talk shop with me. Whether you’re stuck in a plane, train, or automobile!

WordCamp US, or Why I Love the WordPress Community

Last week I attended the inaugural WordCamp US, where I spoke as well as attended the Community Summit. The Community Summit “is a smaller, work-focused event. Community leaders gather to discuss and work on issues that the WordPress community faces.” It was a great time, and between that, the actual WordCamp, and Contributor Day, I got to spend a lot of time with folks in the community from all over the world! Here are some of my take aways.