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Favorites of 2013

It’s time for my annual Favorites of  the Year post. Much like 2012, 2013 was a great year. I saw a dream of mine come true by getting my second book, Responsive Design with WordPresspublished by PeachPit/New Riders. They’ve published most of the books that I read to learn about web design/development, so it’s a real honor to have my work published through them. And of-course, there’s all of the tech and media of the year. Here are my favorites.

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Links Round Up for 10/3/10

It’s October! My favorite month, and not just because it’s my birthday this month. Baseball postseason, Football in full swing, the weather is cool, and the leaves are changing. What more can you want? But enough of that. Here are the things that caught my eye during the last week of September.

Some closing notes: Dexter Season 5 premiered last week: Here’s the full episode from Showtime’s official YouTube page. As far are music goes, I picked up Brandon Flowers’ (of The Killers) new album, Flamingo. It’s pretty good (note: really good. very personal).

My Favorite Premiere Week Moments on TV

This week was premiere week for the Fall 2010 TV season. The ones I watched were: Glee (no shame), Raising Hope*, Running Wilde*, Modern Family, Cougar Town**, Community, 30 Rock, and Outsourced*. While there were many great moments, I want to share my favorites with you. Check them out after the jump.

*New Show
**I miss Scrubs.

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Live on YouTube

For today and tomorrow only, YouTube will be testing live broadcasting with 4 of their partners. The most interesting part about this test is the ability for live comments, which lets users interact directly with the broadcaster.

I think this will be a very interesting test, I think it will do well, and I think coupled with Google TV, it will change the way live TV is done. Check it out!

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