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100 Words 028

Remember that time I referenced a post I hadn’t written yet? Well here it is! I was discussing the apparent topic of the week: my soon to be revived TIL podcast. I mentioned that I decided not to do another general learning podcast because, well, there’s a lot of them. About 8 months ago, I wrote a post about which ones I listen to. Here’s an update to that post.

All great podcasts (and Lore is new). All have a great hook.

100 Words 026

I’ve been thinking more about the TIL Podcast and what I need to do to make it a show people will actually listen to. I need a good hook to draw people in, and I’m not entirely sure one that’s just, “I learned stuff,” is good. See Friday’s post for why (spoiler: there are a lot of them).

I’m thinking about doing, “Things I Learned Offline.” It might be a good hook and there is human interaction. I can build a story about how I came into the info, and the present the fact at the end of the show.

100 Words 023

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve been kicking ideas around for the third iteration of TIL Podcast. The key is just putting it in a format that I can and will actually do.

While the 1st format (a group of my friend and me talking about stuff) was great, it was difficult to coordinate. The same goes for the 2nd format: a one-on-one discussion.

The other problem was making it weekly. That’s simply too much for me, right now. Making it every two or even three weeks, will allow me do it and do it right. Here’s to making it work.

100 Words 022

So much for writing a lot this week! I’m hoping Sunday will provide me ample opportunity for reading, writing, and R&R.

I’ve been kicking around lots of ideas for my seemingly defunct TIL Podcast. Now that I have a nice new mic (Blue Yeti – thank you Prime Day) I’ve gotten a second (third?) wind for doing it.

My latest ideas are to either: go back into old blog posts and do updates on the podcast, or jot down some things I learned over 2 weeks and talk about them.

Either way, much like Justin Timberlake, I’m going solo this time around.

Season 2 of the TIL Podcast

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know for the last month or so, I’ve been publishing new episodes of the TIL Podcast. I decided to change the format to make it more of an interview-style podcast, with one expert each week talking about some interesting topic. So far, we’ve had a few good ones about Disney, Music, Accessing Medical Information, and Web Development.