war tired peter

Yesterday was the trip I organized to Skirmish to play paintball. Originally 11 and then dropping to 9, we set off yesterday morning around 6 to Skirmish USA for a day of war and paint (but not war paint). Arriving at approx. 9AM, we checked in, got supplies and headed off. Since we were only 9, we teamed up with a couple of other groups and had about 50 people (except for at tippman castle) and I’ve got to say, when we had our whole little platoon together, we did well. Some highlights included the 3rd game, when we set up a little bunker, phil and pete down on the ground, me and mikey watching the field. We took out quite a few guys there. However, someone to remain nameless dropped the ball, and we got flanked from behind. When I noticed, it was too late- though both me and pete claimed to have taken out 2 guys from the flank each. There were only 3 guys in that flank. Someone cheated. Another good set of games were the tippmann castle games. There were about 100 guys. We attacked first. We did well with moving forward- Gillan even made it to the castle wall. But we were the only 9 moving really. So everyone but me fell. It kinda sucked cause I was stuck in this one spot. But i took out a few in the windows. Then, we defended. Peter had a staggering 21 kills that game. I didn’t see that much action until later in the game. I didn’t take out as many, but I took charge in the center tower- and I had a 100% killing rate. When Pete came it got better, as I was dealing with mostly ‘little bitches’ who were scared. One kid even said ‘Im a runner’. One kid didn’t even look out the window for me, and one kid sat in the corner. One guy dove onto me to not get shot and I had to take the kid out. But it was good when Pete came. We covered each other, and each window.
Those were pretty much the highlights. At the end of the day, as you might be able to tell from pete’s pic, we were beat. I can’t wait to do it again. Later.

The hits keep on coming!

The title has nothing to do with the entry.
First and foremost, I got my paintball gun. Click to see a picture of it. My mask is pictured here- its the one on the left. They are thermal lenses so they dont fog. Good Shit.
George Lucas is effectivly ruining his Star Wars films. This Movie Clip is the new end of Return of teh Jedi. Notice Hayden Christensen is there, and not the original vader. That is fucking retarded. Plus, Anakin has now not aged since he has become one with the force. He wants “continuity” in his movies. Well, lets face it- EP. I kinda sucked. If Ep. III sucks, i will lose all faith in Lucas as a human being. Just leave the movies alone, as they were. Thats why the did so well.
Ive been hard at work on a new website. One for mine and Mike’s Computer Service business. I have a prototype up now, and im pretty happy with the way its coming out. Ill be adding more to it of course, and the site will be up soon. Then I will be working on a new project that i will be paid for, putting the SBEV project on hold for a bit.
Finally, I hate Democrats. Fuck John Kerry. Later