My iPad Pro Setup

Using the iPad Pro as my Travel Laptop

Since going out on my own full time, my tech stack has been a bit of a revolving door. In the quest to find the perfect set up I went from a MacBook Pro to a PC / smaller MacBook for travel. Less than a year later and I’m not too happy with that setup. Nothing against the PC, but living in two-thirds Apple land makes having parity between machines very hard (plus, Camtasia, my main video editor, is a hot mess). So when Apple announced the new iPad Pros, I made a decision to go with that and only that as my travel machine.

Switching to Apple's Native Apps

Switching to Apple’s Native Apps

Since iOS 11 came out, I’ve been forming new opinions on apps and what I want to use on my phone. When I was an Android user, I would try not to pay for apps, and had reasonable success doing so. Call it the open source mentality, sure, but Google also had pretty great native apps — especially when they rolled out Material Design. When I switched to iOS, I went a little app crazy. I wanted to try everything. I was also more willing to pay for apps, mostly because more apps cost money. But recently, I’ve decided to cut out most 3rd party apps and focus on the native apps Apple sends with the phone. Here’s why.

100 Words 034

I just wrote 1700+ words about the iPhone. That post will publish tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it.

I did this using iA Writer on my iPad flying down to Florida. It was a pretty nice experience, given I got the QODE Keyboard Case by Belkin. It’s great. I strongly recommend it.

The other great part of the experience was after I wrote it on the iPad, I booted up iA Writer on my Mac, and the file was just there, making moving it over to WordPress a breeze.

Handoff/sync is a great feature. But more on that tomorrow.

100 Words 013

I missed yesterday’s post so today might be a two-for. As a short followup to a blog post I made a few weeks ago regarding the iPhone, I was convinced to use it a little longer.

I have gotten used to the phone a bit and have noticed some improvements along the way. It seems iOS 8.3 has added something of a back button in situations which is nice. Apple Pay is great, and the battery life is amazing.

I still miss Android’s sharing, but I do find myself really enjoying the good parts of iOS. I look forward to iOS 9.

2 Weeks with an iPhone 6

I’m pretty vocal about my feelings for the iPhone and iOS devices in general. I don’t like them; I think they are too locked down and that they aren’t as feature-rich an Android devices. However, as I should have an iOS device to test on and there are a few seemingly good things about iOS, I decided to get an iPhone and use it as my primary phone for a couple of weeks.

Web Based Password Manager

I would love a web based password manager that’s completely accessible on all of my devices. I know that there are a lot of tools out there already, and I know there are some inherent security risks with this approach, but here is what I’m thinking:

  • It simply stores Title, URL, Username, Password, and maybe a notes section
  • It’s web-based
  • It’s secure
  • It’s responsive so you can easily add information for any device you own*

I’m wondering if there is something out there already, if it’s a good idea, and if people think it’s worthwhile. What do you think?’

*This one is important. I have 3 computers, 2 tablets, and between 2-3 phones depending on what I need to test. I don’t want to buy or download an app every time.