2 Months with an iPhone

I wrote perhaps my most popular blog post ever just over 2 months ago. I talked about how I bought, used, and subsequently didn’t like the iPhone 6. I would be sticking with Android…or so I thought. Shortly after that post got popular, I was compelled to take another look at iOS.

100 Words 034

I just wrote 1700+ words about the iPhone. That post will publish tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it. I did this using iA Writer on my iPad flying down to Florida. It was a pretty nice experience, given I got the QODE Keyboard Case by Belkin. It’s great. I strongly recommend it. The …

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100 Words 013

I missed yesterday’s post so today might be a two-for. As a short followup to a blog post I made a few weeks ago regarding the iPhone, I was convinced to use it a little longer. I have gotten used to the phone a bit and have noticed some improvements along the way. It seems …

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2 Weeks with an iPhone 6

I’m pretty vocal about my feelings for the iPhone and iOS devices in general. I don’t like them; I think they are too locked down and that they aren’t as feature-rich an Android devices. However, as I should have an iOS device to test on and there are a few seemingly good things about iOS, …

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Web Based Password Manager

I would love a web based password manager that’s completely accessible on all of my devices. I know that there are a lot of tools out there already, and I know there are some inherent security risks with this approach, but here is what I’m thinking: It simply stores Title, URL, Username, Password, and maybe a notes …

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