Teaching with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

What Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Taught me About Teaching

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you already know I love Disney. Now that I have a daughter, I’m super excited to introduce her to this world that brought me so much joy as a child, and continues to today. We’ve started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the morning, and while she’s too young to really understand what’s happening on the show, it’s a fun thing we do together (she does like the colors, and seems to recognize characters now). The other morning, while watching with her, I came to the realization that it wasn’t just teaching her problem-solving skills. It was also teaching me.

Why FastPass+ Shouldn’t Run Your Disney Vacation: A Guide to the Magic Kingdom

Many people that visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL do so as a once in a life time trip. They spent years planning it, researching park hours, peak seasons, and must-see attractions. They learn about the best resorts and restaurants, the best shows and Meet-and-Greets. Then again, many people spend years saving up and then just go with almost no research. They do not understand that park hours change daily, may be extremely crowded in July or at Christmas and Easter, and may have an attraction down for refurbishment. Regardless of amount of research done beforehand, it seems that almost all Guests know or learn quickly about the FastPass+ program at the parks. This is why you don’t necessarily need them!

The Curious Thing About Running

I do not like running. I never have. It’s hard and it takes me a long time. Running is something I was never good at, even when I was on  Track & Field (emphasis on Field). I’m a bulky guy – overweight but also a broad build. Running is rough on my legs. It’s an activity I get no enjoyment out of. But something curious is happening. I ran my first half marathon in October. I just ran another last week. And I’m signing up for more.

100 Words 035

What a week! I just got back from sunny California, where I went to Disneyland, the d23 Expo, and the Burbank studio lot, as well as visited with friends at CigarPress 2015. As I will not be able to sum all of that up in 100 words, expect another post or two.

My 2 Months with the iPhone got picked up by BGR and made a big splash. It even got tweeted by Phil Schiller!

Finally, I spent the week putting my new Nikon D3300 to the test. I shot mostly manual and loved it. I got some great shots. Album to come.

D23 Expo News & Announcements



For the last week I’ve been out in California geeking out Disney-style by visiting Disneyland and attending all 3 days of the D23 Expo. These types of events always provide opportunities to see and do awesome things and this one is no different. In the first two days there were keynote events. Here’s what we saw!

Why Point and Shoots are Not Obsolete

A while back, I wrote a blog post called Are Point and Shoot Digital Cameras Becoming Obsolete? and concluded that yes, they serve as more of a burden than anything. This was back in November. Since then, I’ve had a few students present on their digital cameras for class, where I got a differing opinion. I also went on week long trip to Florida where I decided I’d use my HTC Incredible in lieu of a regular point and shoot. My stance has changed a bit since that trip. Here’s why.