You Can Win my Favorite Business Books

There are 2 absolute truths about me when it comes to books: I love reading and I don’t read enough. I try to read 18 books a year but generally end up around 12. I’m also of the opinion that I don’t read enough fiction. I focus mostly on Business books and US History. There have been a bunch of great books I’ve read in the last few years that really shaped my approach to running a business and how to grow it into something more sustainable without killing myself in the process. They’ve been so integral in the way I do things that I want help other people in the same way they helped me. That’s why I’m giving away 4 of my favorites. Enter after the jump.

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My 2016 Learning Plan: Timeboxing, Better Photos, and Tech

Every so often I decide it’s high time I start learning some new skills. My first “learning binge” was a pretty successful one, as I accomplished everything I hoped I would. My second one took a little longer than I hoped, but in the end I still hit a couple of good goals. There are a few kinks I need to work out of both projects but they are more or less in the wild. This time around, there’s a list of things I want to learn and project I want to work on and release. Much like last time I will use those projects to learn new things, but there’s a new challenge: time management.

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100 Words 042

Whew. It’s been a little too long since I’ve done one of these. With the semester starting things have gotten super busy for me!

This morning I was able to help a fellow Coalworker with an issue regarding WordPress that was solved by using pre_get_posts (tutorial coming soon). This is significant for me because a year ago, I had no idea what that was.

September 15th was my 1st anniversary at Crowd Favorite and this job is definitely the reason I knew the solution so quickly. I’ve learned so much in the past year. Longer post on that to follow.


100 Words 041

I still remember 9/11/01 really well. I was a teenager, I was taken out of class & brought to my mom’s job/my grammar school, and my friend Amy & I refreshed CNN.com constantly. I knew the world changed, but didn’t have the perspective to realize how.

That’s why what I remember most about 9/11 is the respect we had for each other in the days following. I miss that.

Today there’s so much animosity. Differing opinions = a lack of respect.

The lesson we should remember from 9/11/01 is that we can & should unite. We should all respect each other, because we are all the same.


100 Words 040

For today’s 100 Words, I’d like to deflect to the Organizers of WordCamp US. It’s sure to be a great event with lots of amazing people, and the first one outside of San Fransisco. If you can come you definitely should. I know I’ll be there!

WordCamp US 2015, held December 4–6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has opened a first round of ticket sales. This three day event features 2 days of scheduled content and 1 contributor day. The cost is $40.

More details about speakers will be announced soon, as will information about the 2015 WordPress Community Summit.

Please join us for this inaugural WordCamp US event!


100 Words 039

I’ve been a little off since getting back from California. Between all of the summer traveling I did and then getting sick the first week of the semester, I’ve been having trouble focusing and getting things done.

This weekend, a long weekend, I’m home in Scranton. I’m hoping I can use the extra time to get back on track and caught up on work. My apartment is clean, I have coffee, and if I really need, the Italian Festival is going on right outside my building.

I have lofty goals for these 3 days but I think I can do it.


100 Words 038

Last week, Wisdm Labs published an interview I did with them and I think it turned out great! One thing that struck me was Namrata, the interviewer, asked me 4 questions that were specific to me. One was “If you weren’t a Front End Developer, you would be…” I chose photographer.

I really enjoy taking photos and just bought the Nikon D3300, which I love so far. It served me well in California.

I can write a lot more than 100 words on this, but I’ve been trying to shoot manual. It’s a challenge but I think the photos turn out better.


100 Words 037

I’ve decided just this morning that I’m going to start each day with an educational video that’s less than 5 minutes long.

A couple of years ago I spent a weekend with a group of friends when I realized they all knew way more than me about things not in their professional field. Since then, I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading non-tech related books and articles.

One of my favorite video series, Don’t Be Dumb from Josh of Stuff You Should Know ended this week. That same organization puts out another series called Brain Stuff. I think I’ll start there.


100 Words 036

Being sick sucks.

After the very, very busy summer I had I suppose it was bound to happen. I came back from a 10 day trip to FL/CA in which very little sleep occurred, got a root canal, then went out for another sleep-deprived weekend that included a 21 hour day (a great day, by the way – if you have a chance to see Zac Brown Band in concert, do it).

On Monday my body said enough is enough and I was down for the count for a couple of sleep filled days. I’m just about 100% now and ready for the Fall!


100 Words 035

What a week! I just got back from sunny California, where I went to Disneyland, the d23 Expo, and the Burbank studio lot, as well as visited with friends at CigarPress 2015. As I will not be able to sum all of that up in 100 words, expect another post or two.

My 2 Months with the iPhone got picked up by BGR and made a big splash. It even got tweeted by Phil Schiller!

Finally, I spent the week putting my new Nikon D3300 to the test. I shot mostly manual and loved it. I got some great shots. Album to come.