Thoughts on Buffer Pro after 1 Month

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Moving into 2017 I knew I needed to do more to increase engagement on social media for both WP in One Month & How I Built It. Simply promoting isn’t a great strategy; while I convert most listeners and students through my personal Twitter, I want change that. I tried doing it manually for a while, but it was too time consuming. After toying with the idea, I decided to upgrade to Buffer Pro for a year to see if it would help me while also saving time. About a month in, I have some thoughts.

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Include a Sidebar with a Shortcode in WordPress

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Recently I was faced with a pretty interesting problem where I wanted to have a page that was structured: Content – Widgets – Content. Instead of hacking together some sort of Content – Sidebar – Metadata on the backend, I decided to make sidebar widgets accessible via a shortcode you can use in the WordPress editor. You can download the code on Github here.

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