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A good mic is the first step in producing a quality podcast, and starting out you don't need to break the bank. A good USB mic (one that plugs right into your computer) is all you need. Each of these are highly recommended, but I lean towards the ART-2100 most of the time.


Rode PodMic | Blue Yeti

  • Pop Filter - This will prevent hard 'P' sounds, called plosives, from making it into your recording.
  • Shock Mount - This will prevent shakes from hitting your desk or other small vibrations from making it onto the record. It varies by mic.

Every Podcaster Needs

There are a few things every podcaster needs to get started. Podcast hosting for your audio files, a way to record, and while needs is perhaps a strong word, web hosting. Every podcast should have a dedicated website, and that website needs to live somewhere.

Audio Hosting Services

  • Castos - Great, affordable, easy to use, and integrates really well with WordPress
  • Libsyn - A mainstay in podcasting with over 10 year hosting audio for some of the biggest shows out there

Solid general hosting if you're going to have your own website (esp. using WordPress) for your podcast Get SiteGround


Online Course: Podcast Liftoff

With Podcast Liftoff, you'll learn everything you need to know, step-by-step, to create, launch, and promote the podcast you need to start.

Great Upgrades


When ready to upgrade your mic, go with an XLR - these are studio quality mics that allow for more natural sounding records because they don't distort your voice. I love my Shure SM7B, which is a goto for podcasters looking to upgrade.

Shure SM7B

Rode Procaster

XLR Mic Accessories

With an XLR mic, you will also need a few specific accessories:

The Basics for any Pro Setup


The Universal Audio Arrow is a simple, single Thunderbolt / USB-C cable that packs a TON of power. It's my current preamp and it's fantastic and versatile.

Let me make it easy for you!

For Beginners:

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Upgraded Setup

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My Setup

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Want Some Help?

Hope on a 20 minute call with me for $49 and I'll help you work out what you should buy, for you or whoever you're shopping for.

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