Hi! I’m Joe Casabona, and I’d love to be a guest on your show.

Why Me?

When I was teaching at The University of Scranton, I told people I wanted to take the 8 AM classes every Fall. See, I taught mostly Freshmen, and I wanted to be their first impression of college.

It’s not that I was on an ego trip. It’s that I knew I was likely one of the easier teachers they would have. I taught a required Computer Literacy class that I’m certain no one wanted to take (I tested out of it), and I wanted to make that first class easy on them.

I liked the idea that I could inspire confidence in a group of students who were nervous about this brand new experience.

What does that have to do with podcasting?

I love helping people, and I love teaching. I’ve found podcasting to be the best way to do that lately. I have 4 shows. I produce other people’s shows. And I love using the medium to help other people.

I want to help you make the best show you can for your audience…as long as I’m a good fit.

I’m also on record as stating that I like being one of the first guests on a show, for the same reason I took those 8 AM classes in the Fall Semester…

SO to answer your question: I will provide a good conversation designed to teach your listeners about content creation, podcasting, and having an online presence (I also know quite a bit about WordPress).

What I Talk About:

I’m a web developer, educator, and podcaster, so I can cover a lot of ground. But in short, I help podcasters of any size make money so they can turn their hobby into a business. Here are some topics for you:

  • Spend 30% less time on your podcast with automation
  • How I make 40% of my income from podcasting
  • Sponsorship isn’t the only way to make money
  • Turn your content creation into a business with the CALM framework

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Short Bio:

Joe Casabona helps podcasters.

Joe started his career over 20 years ago as a freelance web developer before realizing his true passion, to help podcasts of any size make money, so they can turn their hobby into a business.

Full Bio

Don’t let Joe Casabona’s Master’s Degree in Computer Science intimidate you; he is not only an approachable guy, but a born teacher.

Joe started his career almost 20 years ago as a freelance web developer before realizing his true passion, which is sharing his years of knowledge about website development,podcasting, and course creation to help podcasters make money. Joe has a gift for breaking down concepts that scare people into bite-sized, approachable pieces of information they can implement in a matter of days.

Joe’s career trajectory includes 20+ years of experience building websites, 16+ years using WordPress, 11+ years teaching at the college level, 7+ yearspodcasting, plus he is the author of four books, including his latest:HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide

Today, he helps podcasters become business owners atPodcast Liftoff, creates online courses forLinkedIn Learning, and hosts this podcast. When he’s not doing that, you can find Joe spending time with his family, enjoying baseball, or talking too much about Star Wars.

Say hi at@jcasabonaand find more information atcasabona.org.

Personal Interests

I have several hobbies and interests if you want to get into the personal side of things (but heads up: I’m pretty passionate about these):

  • Being a Dad
  • Mental Health
  • Disney
  • Star Wars
  • Cigars
  • Pens
  • Working from Home
  • Playing the Drums
  • Baseball (especially the Yankees)
  • General pop culture (especially 80s, 90s)

Headshots and Other Images

Podcast Bona Fides

Interested in my own work? I host 3 of my own shows, including the popular niche show, How I Built It. I also produce multiple shows for friends and clients.

My goal is always to make them (and myself) sound as good as possible. I’ve invested in gear and tools to do that!

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