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What’s On My Desk, Summer 2018

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on my office and making some good improvements to my workspace. I’m 95% to where I want to be, and I figured this is as good a time as any to do a “what’s on my desk” post. I’ve done posts like this before, and want to do them more regularly – so keep an eye out! I’ll do a short Summer 2018 series for my desk, my travel bag, and my recording setup.

My Desk
Click to Enlarge; unnumbered photo at end of post

My Current Desk

My current desk is a Fully Jarvis Standing Desk and I love it. The full specs are:Jarvis Standing Desk

  • 60 x 30″ Rectangle Top
  • Wire Management Grommets with 1 Powered Grommet
  • Silver Frame
  • Mid Range Height
  • Programmable Handset (the preset heights are totally worth it)
  • Standing Mat
  • Gray Cable Trays

Everything on the Desk

So I numbered everything left-to-right (mostly). Here’s everything in the order they’re numbered:

  1. Gator Cases 4 Space Studio Rack: The latest addition to the office, now all of my audio equipment is organized, on it’s own power supply, and wires are properly managed/hidden
  2. Disney World Photo Frame: Got this on our latest trip. A photo of my daughter meeting BB-8 will go in it.
  3. Minimalist Empire Strikes Back Framed Poster: My brother Mikey got this for me for Christmas and it’s probably my favorite piece of wall art.
  4. ART VoiceChannel: My preamp for recording. This will get mentioned in the podcast post too, but it’s so integral to my work because I can tweak the audio just right, filter out noise, and more. Saves me from needing a full studio (for my needs).
  5. Audio-Technica ART-M50X Headphones: These studio monitors are great. They’re my go-to headphones for playing back recorded audio, or just listening to music sometimes.
  6. Airpods: These earbuds were a serious dark horse for me that now I can’t do without. I’ll use them when I get over-the-ear headphone fatigue, or if I’m going to be on the phone a lot.
  7. Gather by Ugmonk: I backed this on Kickstarter last year and it finally came in over the weekend; it was the impetus for me organizing my desk and it looks so good. Jeff over at Ugmonk did a really stellar job designing this.
  8. Jedi Ghost/Haunted Mansion Mug: My favorite movie and my favorite Disney World ride, brought together on one sweet sweet mug. Thanks to my brother Robby for this one.
  9. 13″ Macbook Pro: I downgraded from my 15″ super-powered Macbook Pro I bought last summer to something more portable. I definitely notice the reduction in power, but really appreciate how much more desk space I have, and how much lighter my travel bag is.
  10. Nikon D3300 + Joby Gorillapod: Something else I did over the weekend, after getting the idea from my friend Brian, was convert my DSLR to my webcam. I picked up the gorillapod (which looks so awesome) and connected my Nikon to my computer. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and this camera won’t do that, so I’m selling it. More on that later.
  11. Hobnichi Techo: I love notebooks, and I’m a big fan of this small daily planner. Each morning I make a timeline of my day, as well as the 3 tasks I want to accomplish that day.
  12. Bullet Journal: Right under the Techo is my Bullet Journal, which I’ll use to plan months and weeks, jot down long form ideas, plan out proposals, and more.
  13. Panobook: The last notebook in my daily use rotation is the Panobook by Studio Neat. The horizontal orientation is great for storyboarding videos, creating sections for meeting notes, and lots more. There’s a ton of really nice details in the notebook. I will definitely be ordering more.
  14. Logitech K780 Bluetooth Keyboard: I was on the fence about this keyboard, and actually used Apple’s for a while. But when I got my PC, I wanted one keyboard for both machines and this is perfect. It pairs with up to 3 devices (iPad is the 3rd one for me) and works seamlessly. Plus, I love having a number pad.
  15. Magic Mouse: This came recommended as a must have by a few friends, and it’s the mouse I use with my Mac. The gestures are fantastic and the form factor is quite comfortable.
  16. Red Swingline: natch
  17. BenQ 32″ Designer Monitor: When I went to a dual computer setup, along with a single keyboard, I wanted a single monitor. This one has several outputs and allows me to easily switch between my Mac and my PC. It is a little slow switching sometimes, which is a bother. It also has a built-in KVM switch (which I’m not currently using).
  18. Auralex DeskMax Sound Panels: These bad boys provide a little extra soundproofing/dampening, and prevent echo off the wall that’s very close to my desk.
  19. Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: My current webcam. It’s fine, but after seeing how great Brian looked with his DSLR, I have a bit of webcam envy.
  20. Calculator
  21. Mickey Mouse Paper Weight: This was a gift from my dad. I don’t have a lot of papers, but I like the way it looks.
  22. Logitech Performance MX: The mouse I use with my PC. Unfortunately I haven’t come across a good solution for sharing one mouse with 2 machines (understandably so).  That said, I haven’t looked that hard either.
  23. Rode Procaster: My Dynamic XLR mic. I love this thing. It sounds so good!
  24. Boom Arm: To keep the mic off my desk and out of my face.
  25. Photo of My Daughter
  26. Klipsch Speakers: These speakers have served me well since high school – 15 years and 10 different living spaces. Dang.
  27. Alienware PC

Not Numbered

  • Mophie Wireless Charger: I mean, I basically bought the iPhone X for wireless charging.
  • Daily Journal: I’m trying to jot a few thoughts down every day.
  • My backup drives: Western Digital 4TB and 8TB. One is for time machine backups, and one is for storing the gigantic files video editing creates.
  • Writing Implements: 1 Kaweco AL Sport fountain pen, 1 Disney Retro 51, 1 Blackwing 54 pencil, 1 red Sharpie pen
  • Bose QuietComfort 35: These noise cancelling headphones are my usuals, as long as I’m not recording. They really help me focus, especially with a toddler in the house.


There are still a couple of improvements I’d like to make. Most notably, My Klipsch speakers are 15 years old at this point, and I’m ready to upgrade in a big way. I have my sights set on the KRK 6 Studio Monitors and Subwoofer. They were recommended by my friend Shawn and while they are probably overkill for my needs, they are sure to sound fantastic (as well as clear off some space at the back of my desk).

Also, sadly after hours of trying to make it work, my Nikon D3300 cannot serve as a live-streaming webcam. So I’m selling it with its 2 lenses and using the money to buy a Canon EOS Rebel T6i, which I understand will do what I need it to do. I’ve kinda wanted to switch back to Canon for a while anyway. Nothing against Nikon – it takes great photos. But I want a camera that does photos and video well. I’ll even take a small hit on photos to accomplish it.

What’s on Your Desk?

This is always of great interest to me! If you happen to like your desk, feel free to link to a photo in the comments! Oh, and as promised, here’s the unnumbered photo, so you can get a good look at mine:

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