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HTC Droid Incredible Initial Thoughts

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I’ve had the HTC Incredible for a week now and have used it pretty rigorously, testing the battery, speed, voice dialing, etc. Here are my initial thoughts on the device.

The Good:

  • It’s very thin and light.
  • It’s super fast (compared to the Motorola Droid).
  • Great Camera. It’s also very fast.
  • Interface is very slick.
  • Flash Light App is really cool!
  • It was free from Best Buy.
  • Integrated Facebook, Twitter, & Flickr is cool. My contacts feel more complete.
  • Battery Life is fine.
  • Voice Search seems better on this device.
  • Keyboard is very easy to use in both landscape and portrait.

The Not So Good:

  • There’s no unified Contacts app. Each of the 4 components (Call History, People, Groups, and Online Directories) are their own apps they you can navigate between.
  • There are a lot of preinstalled apps that I cannot delete.
  • It doesn’t use the official Facebook or Twitter apps.
  • I miss the Favorite Contacts area from the Droid.
  • (this is all android phones) I wish there were a way to hide apps in the apps drawer.

Overall, I’m very happy with the Incredible so far. It’s much faster than my old phone, the camera is much better with a faster shooting time, and everything feels very slick and cool. I can’t wait to get the dock for it!

Are Point & Shoot Digital Cameras Becoming Obsolete?

Christmas time is around the corner and it’s right about the time of year that I start to think about the gifts I’m going to give to friends and family. As a tech geek, obviously tech oriented gifts rank pretty high up on my list of possibilities. A popular one is the point and shoot digital camera; I’ve picked one up for my brother and my dad in past years. It crossed my mind again today while I was at Best Buy, but came to the realization that the people for whom I would buy one have a cell phone with a camera on it, which brought me to this question: are point & shoot digital cameras becoming obsolete?

My Review on the iPad

A couple of weeks ago I picked up the 16GB 3G iPad as sort of a birthday gift from me to me. It’s something I’ve been contemplating for a while and finally pulled the trigged. I promised quite a few people a review on the device now that I own it and while I didn’t do rigorous testing, I used it in the most common testing environments- my house, other offices, the train, meetings, and using it for travel instead of my laptop. You can see my thoughts after the jump.

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