Have Empathy When Teaching

I was recently having a discussion with a fellow WordPresser on the topic of teaching and she raised a very good point. I’ve noticed with people…that they forget what they didn’t know in the beginning. This is not only a fantastic point (and something I have been guilty of), but it’s a bit of a …

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100 Words 014

There’s drama in the WordPress community today, which happens about monthly seeming on the last day of the work week. Today’s is about being polite when shooting people down. This tweet by friend & instigator Ryan Duff is a good starting point. https://twitter.com/ryancduff/status/616583733861351424 The problem is many coders think: They are smarter than everyone. Everyone should …

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Don’t Fear the Learning Curve

One scene in a movie that I will always remember is from The Matrix. Neo, finally disconnected from the Matrix, is learning new skills by having them ‘uploaded’ to his brain. The culmination of the scene is when he famously says to Morpheus, “I know Kung-Fu,” and they fight. I think about how great it would …

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