How I Built my WordPress Development Course on Udemy

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My course has been out for 6 weeks and I’ve been promoting it on social media and in my newsletter; if you subscribe to any of those places you know it’s currently available. The cat’s out of the bag. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have more to tell about it. See, I originally set out to make this an announcement post. The fanfare, the glitz, and the glamore. But man, there’s been a lot on my plate and when that happens, my blog is always the first to suffer. That’s OK though! I’m back and I’ll be making lots of more great content, starting with a question I usually ask people on my own podcast: how did I build my WordPress Development course?

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Flip the Classroom, but not onto its Head

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Imagine you’re watching a movie. In this thriller, the protagonist is in a dark ally pursuing the bad guy. All seems quite when out of the corner of your eye the killer come into view. He sneaks up on our hero, raises his weapon, and gets ready to strike. You scream, “LOOK OUT,” but no one can hear you. You can’t interact with the film; you know this, but you scream anyway. But what if it wasn’t a movie? What if you’re in a classroom, learning some complicated theory. You have questions, but the instructor can’t hear you. You, like our protagonist, are out of luck. That’s a terrible way to learn. It’s also what could happen when Flipped Classrooms are done wrong.

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lala for Music

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lala_logoWow! It’s been a while and I apologize. I’ve been keeping busy with Cognition Media (which is finally getting off the ground), but am back on track here. Today starts the first in a series of posts I’ll be writing to help with tech oriented gifts for the 2009 holiday season. Up first is a service I’ve been using for a while now (7-8 months) and am very happy with: lala.

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