How I Light my Live Streams: Automated Lighting Setups

One of my biggest pieces of advice for people getting into video (or even doing virtual talks) is, “Have good lighting.” This will make you look better, and your webcam won’t have to work as hard, meaning a better picture. There are some simple solutions, but I wanted something a little more automated. Here’s what I’ve got!

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How I’ve Configured My Stream Deck

Perhaps the best device I’ve purchased in the last couple of years is my 32-Key Elgato Stream Deck. It’s a streamlined way for me to manage live streams, devices, and automation. I absolutely love it. When I first got it, I shared a photo on Twitter, fully configured. A lot has changed since then…including upgrading from the 15- to the 32-key. Here’s a breakdown of how I’ve set it up – everything from what it’s connected to, to where I got the icons.

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