Coaching Call: Improving Your Production Process with Aaron Lee

Today’s episode is the first in a new series of coaching calls I’m doing for the show. I’m talking to Aaron Lee, who got his start in radio before pivoting to podcasting in late 2020. He’s seeking advice on how to improve his process, how to turn his podcast into lead gen for consulting, and…

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It’s Easier to Renew Former Sponsors Than to Do Cold Outreach

They say it’s easier to sell to current customers than to get new ones. It makes sense, right? Those customers have entered into a relationship with you, have shown they trust you, and have proved their open to giving you money.

The same thing can be said of sponsors. Many people forget that sponsorship is a relationship, and as the creator, you can help the brand. So when a campaign is over, don’t assume the relationship is too. Most of my sponsors from the past year have been former sponsors that renewed.

Here’s what I do to keep sponsors returning, and what you should do too.