Why You Should Start a Mini Podcast (and how it can make money)

There’s a reason  lots of podcasters  fall victim to podfade. Podcasting can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you are doing long episodes with guests.  But recently over on The Podcast Host, they wrote an article about how Mini Podcasting is on the rise. I shared this article with my newsletter and it’s one of the most clicked on links in the history of my newsletter. Lots of people are interested in Mini Podcasting and for good reason. So today, we’ll look at what mini podcasting is, why it works, how to start one, and of-course, how to make money with it.

Want to Increase Podcast Downloads? Change Your Tagline!

Growing your podcast is hard…but there are a few small, but significant changes you can make to attract more of the right listeners and grow your podcast. Last month I made this single change to something with my show, How I Built It, and it lead to a 24% increase in downloads over those 30 days. You should too.

3 Solid Ways to Find Your First Sponsors

Sponsorship is the main monetization goal for a lot of podcasters, but there are often some misconceptions around how it happens. You might think that you don’t have enough downloads to get sponsors. Or that once you *do* get enough downloads, brands will magically start reaching out to you. You might assume that you need an “in” with any company to get a brand deal. 

I’m here to tell you: you don’t need a ton of downloads, brands will not just reach out to you, and you don’t need an in! So how do you find potential sponsors for your podcast? We’ll talk about 3 ways.

Why You Should Use Riverside to Record Your Podcast Instead of Zoom

It’s easier than ever to get good audio quality for your podcast…so why does yours sound bad? It’s probably because you, like many podcasters, are using Zoom to record the call and release it as is. But that’s NOT the way to do it.

Instead, you should use a tool that’s purpose-built for recording podcasts. Designed to take audio and video backups. Designed to make it sound like you’re both in the same room.

3 Questions You NEED to Answer to Have a Profitable Podcast (Show’s Mission Statement)

Your show’s mission statement is more than just some words on a page. It should determine the direction of your show, the format, who you’re talking to, and ultimately how it will make money.  Much like a map (well, Google Maps) when you’re going to a new destination, your mission statement will guide your podcast…

How to Build a Mailing List for Your Podcast with ConvertKit

One of the best ways you can grow your podcast is with a newsletter. Make your CTA “join the mailing list,” and now you have information about your listeners that you previously didn’t! Plus they are more likely to see and share new content.

But what should you use? Is it going to be a complicated mess? The answers are ConvertKit and No! Learn how to set up a mailing list and landing page FOR FREE using ConvertKit .