Testing the iPhone + Rode Pod Mic Movie Setup

Testing the iPhone + Rode Pod Mic Movie Setup

I’ve been experimenting with ways to easily use my iPhone as the main camera for my videos, and made some headway when I learned I could use my Zoom H5 as an XLR interface for iOS devices. In this video, we’ll see what my iPhone recording setup looks like, and how I’ll use it moving forward.

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Why an iPhone for Movies?

One of my goals starting with the Podcast Liftoff course is to be in-front of the camera more, and I want a nice looking setup. The best video camera I own is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which records 4K 60fps on both the back and front cameras. Using it is a no-brainer.

I could set up the front-facing camera so I can monitor myself and the record, and talk away. The big question up until last week was the best way for me to use a good mic with the iPhone (without having to sync them later).

Enter the Zoom H5

Last week I discovered that I could use the Zoom H5 as an audio interface for my iOS devices. I tested it and it worked like a charm! So I picked up some gear (linked at the bottom of this post) to make the most of my SwitchPod.

iPhone recording rig

The iPhone Recording Setup

Here’s the general rundown of the gear, from bottom to top:

I have the SwitchPod with a Neewer Ball Head / Hot Shoe. On top of that is a V-Shape Triple 3 Universal Cold Shoe Mount, which holding the recording stuff:

  1. A Ring Light
  2. The Zoom H5
  3. My iPhone

The iPhone is being held be a Studio Neat Glip tripod mount. There’s also some miscellaneous cold shoe threads and adapters, all linked in this iPhone Recording Rig Kit.

I’m using the Rode Podmic in this particular video.

The Workbench

Husky 46" Workbench

I made one more major Cyber Week purchase: The Husky 46″ 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench. It’s spacious, happens to match my desk, and is on wheels.

My ultimate plan is to use the iPhone Recording Rig, perhaps with my full-size tripod, and roll the workbench out to use it as a desk.

Excited for 2020

With this set up in place, I’m excited for 2020! I think I’ll be able to take my videos, courses, and student engagement to the next level.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments here or on the video. And don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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