RWD: Galaxy Gear Hacked to Browse Web


Going through my feeds this morning, I came across a link to a story on Engadget talking about how the Samsung Galaxy Gear was hacked to browse the web. With this, another screen/device that can view websites enters the fray, making Responsive Web Design as important as ever.

Over the summer I wrote an article called, The Web Designer’s Guide to Google Glass. While the main argument was all about using Glass’ browser and properly designing websites to interact with that specific device, the larger point was about the ever-growing pool of devices on which we can view websites.

As we move forward, it’s important to consider the interactions not only of website on computer or phone, but website on handsfree device or website on one-handed device. I believe that if we build those thoughts into our responsive designs, it will not be a big issue down that road. That’s what RWD is for- that’s what building a future friendly web is all about.

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