PC Starter Kit

Let me start by saying I suck for not bring my PC charger home over break. No worries though, I have a back up PC with none of my files and stuff on it. But it is enough to get by. Unfortunately, this is a bare bones PC with none of my regular software on it. I have to rely on freeware, both new and old. So, here is a list of the software I am using to get by. Eventually I want to make all the installs part of a .bat file so I can run that one script and everything I need will be installed!

First and foremost, I need a good browser to get all my other stuff. Firefox, without question.
For all of my Instant Messaging needs
In my opinion, the best text editor. Supports many languages and it’s very lightweight.
I will always be doing FTP/Web Stuff, and for that, I have FileZilla.
For my photo editing needs
Open Office
When I don’t have MS Office handy, this is the next best thing
Fox It PDF Reader
I know Adobe Reader is free too, but Fox It reader is 100x better.

And there you have it. My quick and dirty list of stuff I constantly use, no matter what PC I am on. You can find a huge list of freeware here too. Later!