WordPress 5.0 has been delayed. What Now?

WordPress 5.0 Has Been Delayed – What Now?

If you haven’t been following the dev chats in the WordPress Slack team, there’s a lot of confusion around exactly when WordPress 5.0 will ship. Release Candidate (RC) 1 is out now, and RC2, as I write this, is around the corner. These should signal that the answer is “soon” but there has been no commitment. The team is ignoring the fallback dates in January, and it seems “as soon as possible” is the current target. Many have already written thoughts on what that means for the community. I’m here to tell you what your plan should be.

Should You Upgrade to the Verizon iPhone?

At long last it has happened. 4 years and 2 days after the first iPhone was announced for ATT, the iPhone has come to Verizon. No doubt you’ve already heard this from every tech blog ever, and those on Verizon are now faced with one question: “Should I upgrade to the iPhone?” Here’s what I think.