Inaguration Day Thoughts

Reflecting back, President Bush is the only president I can remember on a day to day basis. I remember some stuff from Bill Clinton, but I was young and pretty apathetic. I got into politics while Bush was in office, and became an adult while Bush was in office. And I honestly want to say …

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CNN Poll

I’m willing to bet if that question was phrased differently, we’d see drastically different results.

The NYS Obesity Tax

When my mother told me about the NYS Obesity Tax proposed by Gov. Paterson, I actually didn’t believe it; but as it turns out, it’s true. This is a horrible, horrible idea for several reasons. First of all, I like how NY is becoming a nanny state. “We know what’s best for you, and we …

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Bias in the News

Yesterday the NYT announced that it was endorsing Barack Obama (Reuters article- you need to sign in at NYT read their article) and that should come as no surprise. Their bias this entire election, nay, for as long as I can remember, is palpable. They are slow to report anything anti-their agenda and quick to …

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Social Networks and the Election (update)

It’s that wonderful time in America that comes around every four year: Presidential Election Season. This year, however, is very different from presidential elections of yore. While blogs changed the face of national elections in 2004, social networks are doing the same thing in 2008 (though they are being more bipartisan). Here is a brief …

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Things that Annoy Me 8/24/08

This is the first in what can be a weekly or biweekly post. Just a random aggregation of what happened to annoyed the hell out of me. Hope you like it. The fact that Cookie Monster is a vegetarian. That the Nation Action Against Obesity organization is pissed Michael Phelps is on the Frosted Flakes …

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