Ugh, clients. Am I Right?

Clients Always Mess Things Up

Imagine you’re buying a new phone. You walk into the store and you overhear a conversation with 2 of the sales clerks. One says to the other, “Ugh. One of my customers put an ugly case on the beautiful iPhone I gave them. Customers are so stupid. They always mess things up.” You probably wouldn’t want them helping you buy a new phone. Why would you want that kind of ridicule? Wouldn’t you take your business elsewhere? But somehow, we think it’s OK to say this about clients pretty regularly.

Have Empathy When Teaching

I was recently having a discussion with a fellow WordPresser on the topic of teaching and she raised a very good point.

I’ve noticed with people…that they forget what they didn’t know in the beginning.

This is not only a fantastic point (and something I have been guilty of), but it’s a bit of a problem for people who teach, especially in my field – programming. It’s incredibly important to have empathy for your students when you’re teaching them a difficult subject.