What do I do?

The short answer is write code, develop courses, and podcast.

The slightly more elaborate answer is make WordPress themes and plugins, develop online courses, create instructional videos, edit videos, and record podcasts. Below, you can see a good sample of things I've created.

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I have a mentorship program called WordPress Business Coaching. If you can make a  website but want to run your WordPress-based business better, this is the program for you. Get in touch if you're interested in improving your business! 


I create online courses and instructional videos with one thing in mind: get you to build something. My courses are concise, task-driven, and they focus on learning by doing. Have a look around. There's lots fo great stuff in store for 2018.


How I Built It is a podcast that tells origin stories - specifically the origin stories of products and businesses. For 30 minutes each week, we look at how something went from inception to complete. Season 4 lands in January, and it's going to be great.

I teach & develop courses

I make things with WordPress

Coding Projects

ParsecAn Open Source WordPress Starter Theme that comes in 3 flavors: Personal, Wedding, and Podcast. View on Github

WP Podcaster: A free WordPress plugin that adds a nice list of features to PowerPress, a popular podcasting plugin. View on Github.

Sidebar ShortcodesA WordPress plugin that allows you to place widget areas or specific widgets anywhere, through the use of shortcodes. View on Github

Code from Responsive Design with WordPressThis repo contains all of the code that we write in my book, Responsive Design with WordPress. View on Github

I Speak Publicly

I've been a professional public speaker for most of my career, speaking in front of classes, for webinars, and at conferences all over the country. I got my start in grammar school when I just Drama Club, so I'm very comfortable being in front of people. I talk on a wide range of topics, from development to empathy. Here are a few samples: 

I work with great companies

How Can I Help You?

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