STOP Sifting Through HARO Emails (Do This Instead!)

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) can be a great way to get in front of new audiences and establish your expertise. 

But it can be SO time consuming to sift through those long emails. It doesn’t have to be.

Today I want to highlight a Make automation that saves me a TON of time when it comes to finding HARO stories to reach out to. 

Here you can see there are 3 steps. The first one is a GMail search. I’ve connected my Google Workspace domain, and it runs once per day at 7:37pm (after the last HARO email comes in).

The search is a GMail query that looks for emails sent from HARO that include the words, “podcast,” “podcaster,” or “podcasting.” 

The second step is one I need, but you may not. Since according to Google, Make is the only “logged-in” user, the URLs sent back will go to u/0/#inbox. But since I’m logged in to 2 gmail accounts, I need them to go to u/1/#inbox. 

So it’s a simple find/replace. 

The third step is the magic. Any time the query returns an email that includes my search terms, I have it add the subject + date, and the URL to the email in a Google Sheet. 

Now, I can go to that sheet once a day (or every other day), and look at only the emails I know are relevant to me! 

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