100 Words 017

I took a few days off from this and most things online. I checked in once a day but didn’t spend too much time in front of the computer – I’m on vacation at the beach. It seemed wrong. I did get a TON of reading done. I finished 3 books in the span of …

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100 Words 009

I’ve been trying to read more; it isn’t working out the way I had hoped, but I’m still making the effort. I have started at least 3 books without finishing them, but right now I’m reading Gumption by Nick Offerman. I loved Paddle Your Own Canoe and couldn’t wait for the follow-up title by Ron Swanson. It’s 21 essays …

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Some of my Favorite Books

Over at Coalwork we discussed starting a book club for the members. We’re still working out the details and getting interest, but it got me thinking of what books I would recommend to the group as well as ones I want to read. I’ve decided to compile a short list here.

My Next 10 Books

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to read more; in order to do that, I’ve decided to create a list of my next 10 books. Hopefully this will encourage me to actually complete the 10 and move onto the next 10! Here’s the list right now. Joe’s bookshelf: next-10 Timeline by Michael Crichton Sex …

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5 Books I’ve Found Helpful as a Freelance Web Developer

I do what I consider a good amount of reading (especially since I got my Kindle) and while I do read some fiction, I read mostly non-fiction on business, web development, or politics. I love reading stories of how companies got started and how to deal with certain aspects of business. Several books I’ve read …

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