Interesting Links for Friday

The Offline GlassThis is fantastic. A glass that will only stand up if a cell phone is under it. This is needed in all bars.

Google Robot helps boy throw out first pitch: This is ridiculous and amazing. Google is doing things that are truly changing the world. And the story isn’t too bad either 😉

8 Months in Microsoft, I Learned These: This is a post by a kid out of college and working at Microsoft. It’s a little scary, the disparity between what you’re taught and what happens in the “real world.” Some of these things are understandable, but some are outright wrong.

Connecting Custom Post Types: I gave this talk twice this week. Here are the slides and resources.

The Missing Linc’s E3 Coverage: Over at my friend Joe’s blog there is fantastic coverage of the E3. You should definitely check it out!

Also announced this week: iOS7 and PS4. I may do bigger write-ups on these, but my initial thoughts are that:

  • iOS7 looks really nice, if not incredibly familiar (*cough Android* *cough Windows Metro*)
  • PS4 is doing it right. It’s like they took away everything everyone complained about regarding the Xbox One and removed it. It looks like they’ve also learned a lot since the launch of the PS3.
  • I have a theory about 3rd gen consoles with the announcement of the Xbox One; it’s a lot like a musician’s sophomore slump. The Xbox 360 is incredible and Microsoft seems to miss the mark (despite my defense of them a couple of weeks ago).

Links Round Up for 03/20/11

Links Round Up for 02/6/11

Some other news:  Today is Super Bowl Sunday (go Pack!), as well as Ronald Reagan’s birthday. Also, I worked on a simple Reading List plugin for WordPress this week. You can see it in action on my blog here, though I have made some changes that I will release this week.

Great Tech Gifts 2010

This is something I’ve wanted to become more consistent with, as I usually post these lists sporadically and at poor times. I figure Black Friday is a good day to settle on this type of post, since it is the official start of Holiday Shopping.

Amazon Kindle: This is number one on my list of recommendations. E-Readers have been around for a few years now and I think the Kindle has proven king. It’s a great way to read books (it’s a lot like reading a real book), it’s easy on the eyes, and with apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, you can keep your books with you and synced at all times. Plus, they are also offering a very affordable Wifi Only version. I truly love mine, which I got last Christmas. ($189 for 3G + Wifi, $139 for Wifi only)


Tis the Season for Video Games

ps3When I started playing video games again in September, it was after almost a year of not playing (I’m back on wagon?). In my defense, there was a lot of great video game going-ons this season. Between the tried and true Xbox 360 and their online environment, and the newly priced Ps3, there is a wealth of choices for the video gamer this holiday season. Here is a rundown of what could be some great video game gifts this year.


The Mac is Just Another Computer


Those of you who’ve known me for a while know I used to take a hard line against Apple. It was mostly the fan boys who would buy things solely because they were made by Apple that annoyed me. Then a little over a year ago, I made the switch from Windows to Mac. I was caught up in the shine of this new relationship and new OS and everything was new and excited, and new. But I’ve got some news for you: the Mac is just another computer.

Let me start by saying this: I like my Mac. It’s nice- it’s got great features and very cool ways to navigate through applications and Coda, a Mac only program, has changed my life. However, I miss Windows’ superior file system and resource management, as well as it’s overall compatibility with more things. Essencially, though, I think the Mac is just a grossly overpriced PC.

Anyone who has ever said they’ve never had a problem with their Mac falls into one of three categories: They just got it, they don’t use it that much/for that much, or they are a liar. I’ve had to restart mine several times because it has frozen on me, I constantly get bothered for updates, and sometimes it runs slow as hell. Two of friends, whom I see on a regular basis, have had theirs crash on them. That’s just the nature of having a computer, and a Mac is just a computer.

It’s for that reason that I still don’t recommend them for general use. If you’re doing some very specialized thing, maybe it’s for you. Good luck upgrading it when you want to though- that is a huge problem for me. I will keep my Mac until it dies and I can’t say for sure if I am going to buy a new one. I am building a new PC soon, and am very excited to try Windows 7. If Windows 7 works for me, probably not. I can guarantee that I will probably never be a solely Mac OS person.

Use Google Docs to convert MS Works to Word

A lot of people who use Windows have access to Microsoft Works, Microsoft’s free ‘solution’ to Office. Today my brother asked me how he would convert a Works word processing document (.wps) to a Word document (.doc), since he did his homework using Works but didn’t have access to that at school- they only have Office. I have Works and was going to convert it using that when I noticed GMail gave the option of opening the .wps using GoogleDocs. As it turns out, GoogleDocs supports .wps documents, which you can then convert to .doc by going to File->Download file as->.doc. It’s as simple as that!

While it may not always be an option people go to (since you can save a .wps as a .doc in Works), it is one that is readily available just so long as you have an Internet connection. I feel it’s one of many smaller features Google adds into the products that give the user a whole lot of convenience.