Best Posts of 2010

Happy 2011! Here are my favorite posts of 2010.

Links Round Up for 12/5/10

Links Round Up for 11/21/10

Links Round Up for 11/14/10

Recommended listening for the week: Christina Perri. Her current single is ‘Jar of Hearts’

Small Business Websites

Yesterday I read a very interesting article in the USA Today about the 7 Deadly Sins of Website Creation. The article (actually entitled, ‘What should a small business’ website do?’) talks about just how important a good website is for a small business. After reading it, I couldn’t agree more. A while back the local paper published a story about how the writer was able to set-up a sufficient website for a local business completely free of charge using wordpress.com, and I was pretty appalled at the article. I knew it clearly wasn’t written by a professional web developer, just a hobbyist. In any case, I took this article to my students to see what they thought about it and to get their thoughts on websites in general.


Links Round Up for 11/7/10

  • Introducing Chalk (by 37signals): Awesome example of the power of HTML5 (and of circumventing the App Store approval process)
  • Study of Facebook Users Connects Narcissism  & Low Self Esteem: Since 500 Million people are on Facebook, you can pretty much do a study using Facebook that proves anything. Coming next week: My study using Facebook proves that you believe everything you read on the Internet.
  • The 4G Forgery: I saw someone a couple of weeks ago advertising “4G Internet…for your computer!” It’s a shame that companies are flat out lying to their customers.
  • Throwback Thursday: Tiger’s Talkboy: I definitely had one of these. I definitely miss being a kid.
  • Ironic Deaths: None of these are ironic. Their article about the “Wine Rack,” a bra that holds wine, is. See wine racks hold wine, and rack is a way to refer to boobs. That’s ironic.
  • Real Examples of Irony: Oh hey. Bad Life Decisions tells us some real examples of irony. Hint: 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife isn’t one of them.
  • The Class I’d Like to Teach: This is actually pretty interesting. In many classes we are forced into a page requirement and get very good and stretching 3 pages in 6 or 8 or 10. Here he’s asking us to do the exact opposite, and make us keep only what’s important.
  • Reset Your [iPhone/iPad/iPod] Alarm for Daylight Savings Time: If you haven’t done this already I suggest you do, lest you be late to work on Monday.

I officially started the Christmas Season (I celebrate Christmas, and will refer to the season as such) by adding my Deals Twitter List to Tweetdeck. You can check it out here. I also started and subsequently beat Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II this week. It’s as fun as it is short (very). The Challenges help extend game play a little, and I’m usually up for ruthless destruction on easier levels now that I beat the game. If you’re looking for a quick play, I’d recommend it.

Links Round Up for 10/31/10