Wait a minute…

I’m not usually one to complain about the officials, but the Umps in game 5 of Yanks/Angels really screwed the Yankees over. The call of Cano came out of no where, and made us give up loaded bases. The second call of “safe” at first should have been out, and cost us a run. When Torre goes out to argue, you know there is a problem.

I will concede that Santana pitched a good game.

Yankees vs. RedSox

Yanks vs. Sox

The Yankees play the Red Sox this weekend in a 3 game series to end the season, possibly permenantly for one of the teams. As the standings read now, Yanks are one game up on the BoSox, who are tied for the wild card with Cleavland. Wang, Johnson and Moose vs. Wells, Wakefield and Schilling. I’m worried about sunday’s game to say the least, as Moose has been subpar. But so has Schilling. Really, both teams have kind of weak pitching. This series should be a slugfest hopefully ending in the Yanks taking the series.

As for Cleavland, they are playing the White Sox, who clinched AL Central yesterday. That means they are in no matter what. If the Indians sweep the ChiSox, the loser of the Yanks-BoSox is going home, soiled and shamed. It will be a very interesting and nerve-wrecking weekend. Let’s hope the yanks come out on top! Later.

The Yankees

I love baseball. More so, the yankees. I am glad to see that we have battled back from 4th place and way out to now be ahead of the Boston Red Sox and just 4.5 games behind Baltimore. The team has really been hitting lately and its nice watching games where you aren’t get slaughtered, or constantly loosing. Later!

Baseball Season!

The Yankees kicked off the season yesterday by playing the Red Sox. They won 9-2. Johnson was for the most part unhittable last night, and the team as a whole did great. Tino made he debut back in pinstripes during the 7th inning- he made a phenomenal play to end the inning. The team seemed to play as a team- as oppose to sometimes last year. Also- our bullpen is looking very good this year. Johnson came out after 6, leaving it to the bullpen, who only let up one run. Boomer on the other hand (who is now on the BoSox), didn’t pitch so hot. He hit Giambi twice. It’s good to be watching baseball again- im very excited for the season. Game two of the series vs Boston- tomorrow at one. Mussina is pitching for us.

In something unrealated- here are a couple of tees I came across that I felt i should share.