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I’ve been a professional public speaker for most of my career, speaking in front of classes, for webinars, and at conferences all over the country. I got my start in grammar school when I did Drama Club, so I’m very comfortable being in front of people. I talk on a wide range of topics, from development to empathy. 

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Joe Casabona is an accredited college course developer and professor.

He also has his Master's Degree in Software Engineering, is a Front End Developer, and hosts multiple podcasts.

Joe started freelancing in 2002, and has been a teacher at the college level for over 10 years. His passion in both areas has driven him to build Creator Courses, a school for those who want to create online businesses.

As a big proponent of learning by doing, he loves creating focused, task-driven courses to help students build something. When he's not teaching, he's interviewing people for his podcast, How I Built It.


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