Joe Casabona speaks on Having Empathy When Teaching, at WordCamp Minneapolis 2016 #WCMPLS

I'm a Public Speaker

I’ve been a professional public speaker for most of my career, speaking in front of classes, for webinars, and at conferences all over the country. I got my start in grammar school when I did Drama Club, so I’m very comfortable being in front of people. I talk on a wide range of topics, from development to empathy. 

Upcoming Speaking Events

Friday, March 15 at 3pm: How Freelancers Can Diversify Their Income
WordCamp Miami 2019 - Florida International University School of Business 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33174
We’ve all experienced the feast and famine of running a business. There will be times where we are swamped with work, and times where there’s no work coming in at all. What if there were a way to ease the pain of both? In this talk, you will learn how you can prepare for the famine without breaking your back from the feast. All by diversifying your income streams.
March 16th, at 3pm: Panel: Promote Your Business And Get An Audience With Podcasts
WordCamp Miami 2019 - Florida International University School of Business 11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33174
Yes, we all know podcasts are hot right now. Everyone’s listening and many people have gone down the path of launching their own. But what really defines a “successful” podcast? Have people in the WordPress space truly found ways to capture the attention of an audience (and make it financially sustainable)? Join Joe, Christie and a fantastic panel featuring (a way cooler) Joe Casabona, Jessica Ortega and Santiago Leon on the WPMRR WordPress podcast live from #WCMIA as they discuss their own journeys podcasting and you get an insider’s perspective.

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Joe Casabona is a Front End Developer, Instructor, & Course Creator. When he's not writing code, he's teaching people how to build things with and for WordPress. He also hosts a weekly podcast called How I Built It, where he interviews product developers and business owners about how they create. You can find him at


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