Want to Start a Podcast, but don't have the Time?

Podcasting is the new blogging, right? You know that and you want to start one. But there's a lot more steps to podcasting than there are to blogging. Where do you start? How do you make sure you're consistent? Will it take up too much time?

What if you could just press record ?

Your message is worth hearing. You have a lot of knowledge and you know podcasting is the kind of content to create right now. But starting a podcast takes a lot of work.

Website Build
...that's a lot of stuff to do.

You talk. I'll do the rest.


We'll talk about your goals for the show, where your area of expertise lies, and come up with a show title, artwork ideas, and a list of topics for us to talk about. Based on that, you'll get any outlines and research for each epiosde.


Then we'll get to creating. Depending on your goals and the format, I'll either interview you over the course of our episodes , or I'll set everything up for you. Either way, the only thing you'll need to do is press record.


Then comes the fun part! We'll schedule and launch your show. The only thing you'll need to do here is promote. And I'll give you everything you need for that too!

Done for You Podcasting

10 Episodes

  • Discovery Call
  • Name, Artwork, Music
  • Recording & Editing
  • Transcriptions
  • Publishing
  • Promotional Text and Images


  • Website
  • Domain
  • Podcast Plugin
  • Customizable Player

Sound Good?

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