The Butterfly Effect…5

Holy Shit. First of all- this movie proves that Ashton Kutcher is not just some shitty comedy actor. Second of all- This movie was really fucking good. A movie that shows that no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone. Change One thing, change everything. It also presents the question If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you? Or I guess, could you. Watching it gave me chills. Like usual, i dont want to give it away by talking about it. Just be sure you are thinking about the movie while watching it. It was kind of predictable in some spots, but its not really until right before an even that you figure out whats going to happen. Later.

A Joyous Day Indeed

“Hi, Im Martha Stewart, and today on Living, we will learn how to break out of jail using just yarn and a hairpin.” Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Martha Stewart is going to prison. For 5 months. Thats almost 6 months! She is also on house arrest for 5 months. This makes me incredibly happy. Because, lets face it- celebrities get away with too much. Not to mention that Martha Stewart is a 2 faced bitch who doesnt give a shit about you, she just wants your cash. Anyway, read more on it here.

King Arthur…3.5

It was decent. I mean, every war movie follows a template. Hero who is trying to find inner self. Aragorn- king of men. Achillies- why does he kill? Arthur- is Rome really for freedom? cool fight scene at the beginning. Fellowship- the flashback battle. Troy- Where Achillies OWNS that guy- some no name. King Arthur- fight to save bishop. And then theres the big fight scene at the end, followed by closure, the moving speech by the main character, and leading lady who influences the main character, and a death for good measure. So, seeing as this was a war movie, and it followed all those things, +1 for following the by laws, -1 for no originality. Its a tail of fellowship, and doing whats right. Like i said, decent. Historically Accurate? Got me. Prob not. If you know, let me know. IS it worth seeing? Yeah Sure- Kiera Knightly is in it. O yeah, the Saxton Leader. Here is the casting convo:
Man 1: “Hey, for this guy, lets find a huge guy, who sucks at acting, who is not steven segaul.”
Man 2: “And a texas accent for good measure.”
Thats it im done- go see it if you want- its preet much what I expected. Later

Almost Working

Ok Kids- So A- I can’t log into blogger. Kinda Lame. But that does not matter, because I am Very Close to getting this working. Last Night I had an empifany, and I’ve been going nuts ever since. I couldnt believe i missed something as simple as an ‘IF’ Statement. Now that Ive got the posting working right, and the comments, [i think], so i just need to figure out how to format the links, and you see how the catergory (General), is a bulleted list? Yeah, I dont really like that too much. So I am making progress, and should hopefully have this baby running by the end of the week. Later!

Dodgeball – Good, Funny- 5

Let me tell you all something about movies, as im sure at least one will have a problem with me rating this movie as “Good”. Since there are different genres of movies, you cant rate every movie on the same scale. you have to look at what the movie intended to do, and then rate it. All movie look to entertain, therefore, obviously if it does not entertain you, well- its not good. But anyway, Dodgeball is a Comedy. Its sole purpose is to make you laugh. And well, if you dont laugh at this movie, you have no sense of humor. On to the review.

Dodgeball, for the most part, was predictable, which allows you to focus more on the comedy. There were alot of jokes, both Obvious and Subtle. Makes you need to see it again so u catch everything. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaugh, and the very beautiful Christine Taylor were all very good. The story was funny, and predictable. But mostly funny. There was seldom no laughter in the theater. Make Sure you stay till after the credits so you see the extra scene. Later!

Spiderman 2… 4.5

First of all, you might notice something different. This layout still needs some work, but i have some news before i get to the review. Blogger may no longer be my host of choice for my blog. As soon I as get the hang of WordPress, I will be making the switch. They have catergories and what not. It will be cool. But onto the review.

The movie was in between good and great. On the one hand, the fighr scenes, special effects, and some of the dialogues were really cool. As for acurracy, im not to sure. But either way it was a good movie.
It picks up 2 years after the 1st one, and Peter is poor, Aunt May is poor, MJ is in a play, Harry took over OZ Corp. Harry hired Doc Octavious to do some thing with fusion or something, but anyway, it goes wrong. Duh.
I dont wanna give too much away, which i think the previews kinda did, cause for me anyway, i was anticipating the next big thing as shown by previews. So if you havent seen one, A- where have u been? or B- Good Job Avoiding them Either way, its definatly a movie worth seeing. twice. Later

First Post

This is my first post using word press. Its basically like blogger, but you host it, and its totally customizable, and PHP/MySQL based. I think i might be able to learn by reading the code…maybe. You have categories, and there is a Database that orgainzes your posts by date or category. That means- no more manifesto, just posts categorized under “Manifesto”. There is alot more too. Im sure once i get all the kinks and bugs worked out of it, ill love it, but until then, its a pain. O yeah- If you can read this, im one step closer. Later

Best Buy…

The embodiment of incompetance. I know this should go in the manifesto, but hey, blogger has good archiving now. Maybe ill put it there though. Anyway. My charger broke for my digital camera. “Go to best buy and get a new one” I thought. And up until now, they have always been helpful (whatever, I know what Im talking about when I go there). There was a slight incident last year, when buying my laptop. “Can I see the full specs?” I asked. The clerk said, “They are right there.” I said, “No- I want to see the FULL specs. you know, whats NOT listed there.” and named some specs not listed there. So he got them. But O boy- The digital camera charger. My dad went there, and call me from his cell last night. HE gives the phone to the seemingly helpful best buy employee, and he i give him my camera brand, type, and model number.the model number is DSC-P50. Well he gives my dad a charger, which was $40 and i try to put it into my camera. Well, i looked ON THE BACK OF THE PACKAGE, where it listed ALL of the Models IT DOESNT WORK WITH. Guess what. My model was on it. Then when Mikey tried bring it back today, they wouldnt take it, because “the adapter was missing. Everything that was in the box was there. So it looks like THEY sold it with out the adapter. Great. Then Mikey gives them the model number, again, for a new charger. That also cost $40. That one does work either. Guess what. List on the back are the ones it DOES work with. Mine is NOT on there. “They said it should work like the P52.” -A model on the back. Well- if it works like the P52, you would think the P50 is on there. If they dont have, fine, but dont waste our fucking time playing games cause YOU THINK you know what you’re talking about. I really wish i got the job there, so people could deal with competant sales clerks. No offense to Suchy, who does work there. Later.

The Stepford Wives…Good

Before the review i just wanna let everyone know that I am changing the way I do reviews. Instead of that crazy complex 0-10 scale, there will be a scale of zero through five.
0- Im suing for my 8 bucks back.
1 – dont waste your time or money.
2 – ehh
3 – decent
4- good
5- the amount of times u should see it in theaters… at least.

Now, on to the review. This was a 4. Better than I thought. Apparently its a remake from a movie in the 70s. It was nicely done, and very funny. Alot funnier than I thought it would be. Basically, Nicole Kiddman, who plays a woman named Joanne in the movie, is a high power TV exec, who gets fired. Her husband Walter, played by Matthew Broderick, is a VP under her, and he quits. For her- AWW. But seriously, they move to stepford, and Joanne notices the woman are weird and whatnot. Walter loves it, she thinks its wierd. Its a good lesson in Feminism and Chavanism. And you know, Nicole Kiddman is really hot. Later!

The Day after Tomorrow- 9.8/10

This movie was awesome. We will start with the visual effects, because there were alot. They were great. Its seemed like you were watching something that was happening as you watched it. It didnt look fake at all. The acting- great. Jake Gyllenhaal, of Donnie Darko fame, was great, as expected. He played Sam. Dennis Quaid played his father, Jack. The supporting actors were Emmy Rossum, the leading lady and Sam’s crush, and Dash Mihok, Sam’s best friend. They were also good. There was no bad acting in the film. But i will comment on the vice pres, played by Kenneth Welsh. He made me hate Cheney. Alot. He wasnt Cheney- but i mean, you could tell. The film took a shot at how Americans are, and how the view some parts of the world. It was pretty accurate. Anyway, if you dont know the story, Global Warming has caused the Ice Caps to melt, cause severe problems in the climate, and creating a new Ice Age that will freeze most of the Northern Hemisphere. Sam and his friends are in NYC, which will get rocked. They live in DC, but are at some school event. Jack is the scientist who figures out, with the help of others, that this new ice age is coming sooner than expected. You really get into the movie. Its like i said, your watching something that is happening. Its a movie you can really get into. and Sam and his dad have the Hero complex that make people like me think that i can do cool shit when put in the right situation. Only Complaint- there is one part where Sam and friends have to leave the library, where they are staying to keep warm. At that point, the eye of the storm is coming, where temperatures drop to so cold you will freeze on the spot, and some wolves escaped from the local zoo. all three of these come together. It was created for suspence, but it could have been done differently. But seriously- AMAZING MOVIE. Go See it.

*some of you may complain that i rate all movies like a 8 or better. my reasoning- i dont see bad movies. ’nuff said*