Without a Paddle…5

Real funny. Which is all you need in a comedy. Its about 3 friends who go on the adventure their recenly decesed friend never made. The 3 guys are the typical movie personas: The Wild Boy- Tom. The Average, but not Guy: Jerry, and the Afraid of Everything Guy: Dan. The road is filled with your normal stuff: 2 hill billie weed farmers, a bear, super hot chicks who are one with the forest, and an old guy. Plus, Seth Green does a very good C3P – 0. Defiantly see this movie. You’ll laugh your ass off.

Alien vs. Predator…3

Id say it was worth the money. It starts off slow, and kinda picks up towards the end. Basically, the Predators hunt the Aliens, who are in this underground pyramid, thousands of feet under antarctica. It was the first pyramid ever. There is this queen alien there who lays eggs every hundered years and the predators kill them. So the Predators know the aliens need humans to be born, and they lure the humans into this pyramid. And the battle ensues.
There are some very corny parts in the movie. But the fights, which is really the only reason you should see the movie, we pretty cool. There was really no epic one, and for that im disappointed. If you had the slightest thought of seeing this, go see it. If you have no desire, i dont recommend it. Me- I liked it- sort of. I wouldnt see it again though. It reminded me alot of Freddy vs. Jason. Alot alot actually. Later

Back from MD!

Well, I must say, Maryland is a fun place. Me, The Pheez, and our cousins went down to Ocean City for the week, and it was a good time. We went to the beach everyday, as our condo over looked it. The Condo was nice, me and phil pretty much had run of the living room. It pretty much went like this everyday: Wake up, beach, come back, chill on the balcony, go out somewhere. Very relaxing. The best part- There were so many beautiful girls down there. Like drop dead gorgeous. Angelo, one of our cousins, was very dissappointed in us for not talking to any of them. I was mad at phil. Girls were checking him out, and he was just like, blah. I mean, granted i didnt talk to any girls, none were checking me out. Come on Phil….
The worst part was my couin Chris smoking. She smokes alot. Alot alot. Thats all i have to say about that.
Anyway, the waves on the beach were nuts. We did some boogy boarding, and i caught some good waves. For those of you who will make the comment, yes i am fat, but im fucking good with a boogy board. We also ate shit on alot of waves. One killed my shoulder. Killed it dead.
Friday night and all through Saturday, we caught wind (no pun inteneded) of Hurricane Charile. By Sat evening, it was a tropical storm, but it was awesome. 50-55 MPH winds, insane amounts of rain, and 7 foot waves! It was definatly a great show.
Well, thats about it. Its good to be home. Now im going to bed, because, well, im beat. Later!

Something New…

I love Stand Up Comedy. Alot. SO i made a new category called “Comedy.” Whenerver I find a blog worthly joke, or comedian as it may be, Im going to post it. I think its a good idea. So, here goes.

Ron White:
“My friend is a homophobic. I think that is the most useless thing in the world…He says to me one day, ‘You know, this world would be alot better if there werent so many queers.’ I says to him- Next time you have a thought, stop. We are all a little gay. He says, ‘Thats bull shit. Im not gay at all!’ You’re gay and i can proove it. Do you watch porn? ‘Yeah- I love porn.’ Do you only watch girl on girl? ‘Nah man, i watch a man and woman.’ Do you like when the guy has a small half assed little cock? ‘No- I love big hard flappin c—. Holy Shit.'”

Ron White is fucking hillarious. check him out here. My favorite story of his: “I got kicked out of a bar in NYC…”


Catwoman….The worst ever.

Where should i begin. “The day I died, is the day i began to live.” G- that hasent been used in a fucking million movies. and that was the god damn theme of the movie. There was not one moment of this movie i enjoyed. Not one thing to save this movie. Not even Halle Barry being hot could save this movie. and there are a million spoilers in this. Not that the movie wasnt TOTALLY Predictable- because it was. So Patience is her name. Cute. She a shy little not so outspoken girl, WHO GOES AT MID-FUCKING-NIGHT to drop off an Ad Project shes been working on. Then she goes into the door that says “RESTRICTED FUCKING AREA.” a Woman who can say ‘yes’ to a cup of coffee goes into a restricted area of a building shes never been to before, to drop off an ad. Not only that, but apparently a guy who is developing this miracle cream is conducting a meeting at midnight, saying the cream fucks up your face if you stop using it. But they never say why. Rule: –If there is some scientific thing in a movie, it must be explained, to make the movie seem real.– Anyway, one thing leads to another, and she ends up getting flushed into a river, where a magical cat breaths life into her, and makes her a catwoman. Rule: –IF a super hero is born, there must be an explanation.– Examples: Batman: Parents killed, trains whole life to fight crime. Spiderman: Radioactive Spider. This is also explained more, but idk the explanation. Superman: From another planet, gets powers from the sun.
So, now she doesnt know whats going on. a crazy cat lady does. Tells her. We have a stupid idiot of a hero, who is framed for not one, but 2 murders, and is caught by the guy who she is sleeping with. Big sad story, “You can trust me.” LAme flash back story of when the first met, he now must find the real killer. Confronts her face to face, he isnt wearing a vest. she shoots him in the sholder, then guess who saves him. O yeah- that cream, if you keep using it, it makes your face hard as a rock. The final fight is between the actual murder, some woman, and catwoman. i wonder who wins.
O yeah- the guy who plays “The Merovingian” is in this movie. I fucking hate that guy. and every cliche line is in this movie, and some really bad puns. like “get your paws off of me.”
Worst Movie Ever. Spend it on something better, like VD. Later

The hits keep on coming!

The title has nothing to do with the entry.
First and foremost, I got my paintball gun. Click to see a picture of it. My mask is pictured here- its the one on the left. They are thermal lenses so they dont fog. Good Shit.
George Lucas is effectivly ruining his Star Wars films. This Movie Clip is the new end of Return of teh Jedi. Notice Hayden Christensen is there, and not the original vader. That is fucking retarded. Plus, Anakin has now not aged since he has become one with the force. He wants “continuity” in his movies. Well, lets face it- EP. I kinda sucked. If Ep. III sucks, i will lose all faith in Lucas as a human being. Just leave the movies alone, as they were. Thats why the did so well.
Ive been hard at work on a new website. One for mine and Mike’s Computer Service business. I have a prototype up now, and im pretty happy with the way its coming out. Ill be adding more to it of course, and the site will be up soon. Then I will be working on a new project that i will be paid for, putting the SBEV project on hold for a bit.
Finally, I hate Democrats. Fuck John Kerry. Later

The Bourne Supremecy…4.5

Ok- i didnt see the whole first one, but you really dont need to. I mean, you kind of do, for the begining of the movie. Anyway, it was awesome. Jason Bourne is still, 2 years later, trying to figure out who he was. Meanwhile, he gets framed for something that happened in Berlin, and boom, hes back on the map, running from the CIA. It keeps you guessing, and the action scenes kicked ass. There were a few plot twists, and the way it ends is probably the best way they could do it. I look forward to The Bourne Ultimatum. For those of you who dont know, these movies are based off of a 3 book series, and from what im told, they are much like the books. So thats cool. Def a movie worth seeing. Twice. Later.


Really Funny. Ive been asking around to people who saw wondering if it was better than Dodgeball. Well- no. But it was still hillarious. And you know- Christina Applegate is hot. But anyway- freakin funny. And there were alot of camios from people. I recommend it. There is one extremely funny scene with Ron, and the girl, whos name is Veronica. And some things. haha. This funniest guy was Brick though. He was played by the guy in Old School who tried to shut the Frat down- you remember? by the guy from the daily show. Well they called him brick because he was as dumb as one. And it shows. and proves for good comedy. So- see it! Later.

I, Robot…3.

Ok- So i didnt like it. I mean, there were cool scenes. And some GFX Effects were cool. But some were lame. and there is this one element to the movie that i cant put my finger on it. They tried to do too much with it. And it reminded me too much of the Terminator Movies. Now- I think I know why i didnt like it that much. Well, A- as Mike Gillan brought to my attention, there was a Major Plot Flaw in the movie. I wont mention it, cause i dont want to blow the movie, but let me know if you notice it. Its kind of hard to catch, but if you catch it, it screws up the plot. Also, it was a cool action movie, but at the end, the was like, an “after school special” moment. Im still going to see it again. Maybe I was just tired, and thats why i didnt like it. Casue Apparently, it was “fucking amazing”. So this is like a second draft. Ill prob see it again this weekend.