Freakin Sweet!

Thats right! Family Guy is coming back. I know it might be some old news to some of you, as it is for me, but i felt the need to post it anyway. The new episodes will be airing in Spring 2005, so it is something to look forward to. I happen to have every available episode of DVD and they never get old. I look forward to the off-color humor, jokes that are just wrong, quagmire’s sex comments, and Stewie. Until then, there will be a pilot episode on American Dad, a new series from the makers of Family Guy, airing on Superbowl Sunday. If its half as funny as Family Guy, it will be…pretty freakin funny. Later!


World of Warcarft

This is a game were you pay for the game, and then u pay monthly to play it. The first month is free. Now, it seems simple. Don’t buy the game. But all of your friends tell you how awesome the game is. So you say “Well, ill buy game, play for the first month, and then not play any more.” Right. I have dubbed this game “World of Warcrack”. Because, well you get a taste of it right. The first time i played i was like, ehh. BUT, i couldnt stop thinking about playing it. About leveling my charater, making him stronger, getting him better weapons, killing stuff. So I keep playing. In 3 i must have logged, umm, too many hours to count. Needless to say, you wont just be playing the free month. Play the game alone the first time and its like ehh, but then u play with your friends. And yeah, its alot cooler. traveling in a pack, taking on bigger enemies, and plus you level quicker. And you can be 1 of 8 species, and then a profession. Im a dwarf Rouge. And a Human Wizard. If you are familiar with Warcraft, basically, your a Hero. The game= amazing. The paying for it= not so hot. But you’ll still do it. The stoners know what Im talking about. The game is really addictive. In an awesome way. If you like Diablo and Warcraft, you will absolutely <3 World of Warcraft. Later!

Sgt. Roger Reed(its a good post)…

i guess is was a little over year ago when i found out my friend’s dad friend and neighbor was going over to Iraq. It was pretty disheartening, but he was doing his duty. Well, i just read this article, in which he is being honored for his service.

In October, four Bravo Company soldiers were honored for achievements while serving in a combat zone during Operation Iraqi Freedom II.Sergeant Roger Reed of Middletown, New York….[and others] earned distinction when the 89th Military Police Brigade awarded them with the Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) for achievement.
Sgt. Reed was operating as a military police team leader on May 18 when his patrol was attacked by an improvised explosive device (IED). He responded by quickly establishing defensive positions away from the blast and then rendered immediate life saving medical treatment to a wounded combatant. Reed treated the critically wounded combatant, whose right leg was severed in a fire fight. Without Reed’s medical attention the combatant would likely have bled to death. Reed’s heroic acts are in standing with excellent military service.


A very techie christmas…

I had fun this christmas. Spent some time with my bros and the fam. The rest of the fam comes over tomorrow. Anyway, i know that you guys are looking for stuff to spend that christmas money on, so here you go.
The Rio Carbon– an MP3 Player that holds 5GB of songs. That is alot of songs. I have 230 on mine, and still have 3.8 GB left on it. Its small, sleek, and has song organization features. It rivals the Ipod pretty well i think. Its $250 and gives u a gig more than the Ipod Mini.
Stephen Lynch- Live from El Ray– I must have watched this dvd 10 times today. Hillariously funny. If you have never heard of Stephen Lynch, you are missing out!
ASUS K8V SE– Its a motherboard. The sweetest fucking mother board i have ever seen. im reluctant to put it in the anti piece in fear that Win XP might Flip out and i could lose everything. Now i backed up all my files, but the software. i dont have cds of the software. For some odd reason….; )
Some other things you might wanna look into- The Star Wars DVD set, Star Wars Battle Front, Halo 2.
Ill let you know how the conversion turns out with the antipiece! Later!


Fire Fox Review.

Finals Are over and well, i couldnt be more happy. Now, I need to find a job. Preferably well paying. Anyway, alot has gone on in the past week, so im reporting.
Fire Fox 1.0– I have been hearing great things about this browser, and last night my friend showed me what he did with his. After that I was convinced to at least try it out. In 10 min, i was convinced that this is the best fucking browser. First of all, its Open Source. That means when someone wants the browser to do something, the write a code for it, or tell someone too. This means there is a load of extentions to download. Some of the ones I got are:
– FoxyTunes- control of your music player from within fire fox. -Web Developer- A bunch of tools for, you guessed it, the web developer. Its a tool bar that allowes you to change the CSS of the page, or apply your own, validate the CSS, HTML, Links, and other things on any page, display certain attributes about images, such as dimmentions and alt tags, and resize the window resolution. -ForcastFox- weather, from anywhere, in the bottom of your browser. -Mouse Guesters- The all important right click. Right click and move your mouse a certain way, and u can go back, formward, new window, open a certain link, or anything else you can do with a broswer. -AdBlock- th ebest thing ever. Not only does it block pop ups, but u can chose to have it blocks ads with in pages. That means all those annoying ads on tripod sites, geocities sites, and even google ads, can be blocked. It will do wonders for ESPN’s Site, as that site is full of ads. if I have time later, ill get up a screen shot.
There are also customizable skins, add ons like google search, a bookmarks nav bar, tabbed browsing, and a bunch of other fun stuff. If you don’t have it, you definetly should. Later!

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Computers: My best friend, my worst enemy

Ok- so i have been formulating this post for a while. Its really just a commenting of two news articles I read. the first one I meant to post a while back, but didnt get around to it. Its about how over use of the computer causes glaucoma. Now, I can honestly say that over the past 2 or 3 years, my vision has gotten progressivly worse. Im not saying its from the computer. But I do use it alot. Like, its my job, my major, and my hobby. The Second article is about how men using laptops on their laps can cause testicular dysfucntion, such as low sperm count. In short, the heat generated from the laptop, resting on the lap of the user, is transfered in to the testicular area, where it raises the temperature serveral degrees, and does it work. Sweet. So Im going blind and im not gonna have kids. Later!

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Well Well

Remember the post about google and competitors? Well I have an Update. First of all, Yahoo! increased its Mail Box size once again, to 250MB, to meet the MSN Standard. However, there is a line id like to point out in my previous post.

Soon enough they will be offer Blogging.

Well it just so happens that I was on CNN just now, and I can across the headline Microsoft Joins the Blogging World. I may have called that. Just a little. Im gonna check it out. Cause thats what I do. Later!

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra

All I can say is…amazing. The whole night was a great expirience that was well worth the money. They were on stage for 2 and a half hours and completly rocked out the whole time. Some highlights: The bassist had an extreme amount of energy. He didnt speak at all but just the way he played and conducted himself on stage was awesome. The drummer was insane. His 15 min solo was outrageous and he kept going after that. Amazing double bass and a great show. One of the girls- her name is Jenifer, and she had a beautiful voice. Im gonna sound lame, but while she was on stage it was really captivating. One of my favorite parts was the Led Zeppelin Montage they did. They were in the middle of a song when the guitarist breaks out a double necked guitar, walking up to the singer and starts playing Stairway to Heaven. Then, the lights go out, you hear the drummer count it, and the lights come on and they play The Imagrant Song. They were totally rocking out and it was amazing. The light show they put on was great too. At some points it was just shadows rocking out to lazer lights and smoke. Other times, there was just a cave of light around the band members and you could see them perfectly, like they were outlined. All of the group members were masters of their trade and the should was just amazing. Afterwards, we met them, and they are super cool. Definitly an feeling everyone should expirience. Later!