Teen gets 18 months for Blaster Worm

In a story on Wired News, I read that Jeffrey Lee Parson, who is only 19, will be getting an 18 month prison sentence for releasing a variant of the MS Blaster Worm that plagued many computers and shut down many networks, including my school’s, over a year ago. It is said that the damages from the virus cost over $1 Million. Along with prison time, he also has to do community service, pay restitution for the damages and stay under supervision for 3 years after he is released. Read More here. Later!

thejoey.net has a new face!

But you cant see it. I really just moved it over to a different server. You see no difference. This is because I am working on a new website thats going to be freakin sweet when its done. I swear to you all you will love it. Its basically something similar to this site, where i combine my personal stuff with my professional stuff, resources, tech stuff, projects and much much more! If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment! Ill keep you posted on the progress. Later!


Free Mac Mini. They did the same deal with the Ipod. You have to sign up, giving your address, taking a survey, and then signing up for one of their offers. I signed up for the CitiBank Credit Card, which I plan on Cancelling if/when I am approved. Now I need 10 people to click my link and sign up. You know, that whole dealy. So, please sign up.

I know what some of you might be thinking- “Joe, Use a Mac?!?! Thats crazy!” And well, yes it is. BUT it is a free computer. Who can say no to that??? and LOOK AT HOW SMALL IT IS. Anyway, check it out. Thanks for the help! Later!

The Facebook

I got it. Scranton finally got it. Read about it here. At first, I thought I was just gonna be a geek who is doing the facebook. But, I did a search for my high school, and alot of people came up. I thought that was very very cool. I will probably look into it more later. You can view my facebook here. Later!

Eminem- Encore

4/10- one for each song that was good. Let me start by saying i am in no way a rap fan. BUT, I was a fan of Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP and The Marshall Mathers show. He did more than rap about drugs, sex, killing, sex and drugs. I mean, he did rap about that, but one or 2 songs on the album isnt bad since most rap songs are about being in a club, for ‘fucking some bitch’. But this time, His songs for the most part are lazily put together just muttering whatever rhymes with the “predominenty” stupid noises he made in almost all of his songs. His style of rapping is different in alot of his songs, but that is not my complaint. Its that he raps about stupid shit, drugs, sex, clubs, shooting. This may have been ok for his first album, but he has grown since then, and we see that in songs like “Mockingbird”, but even that he ruins with the ending. He makes no sense in his songs like “Big Weenie” and “Rain Man” saying things like “Munch a bunch of crunch a munch” and his rant about being gay (rain man). In MM LP he talked about being famous, being there for his daughter, getting blamed for stupid shit. “The way I am” is a great song where he tells it like it is. In “Stan” is another great that i think really reaches out to his fans who take him too seriously. The Marshall Mathers Show talks about going to jail, and everything with his trial and letting Haily down. But this album has no direction, not sense of feeling. There are a couple of songs-
“Mockingbird”, “Yellowbrick Road”, “Crazy in Love”, “Like Toy Soldiers” (minus those kids singing) that show he did think about the songs. But they are over powered by the stupidity of the rest of the songs, esp. rain main, big weenie, and ass like that. Even the last song, called “Encore” is a club song like “Just Lose It”. Over all, his rhymes make no sense, he focuses more on the beat than the message, and it seems like he didnt try. His tracks are made for club music. Its less personal, and in turn, not good. Later


Masters of Doom

Now, I don’t read too much, and when I do finish a book, its definitely worth reading. Masters of Doom is the story of the Two Johns that created an empire in video games, with such titles as the revolutionary Comander Keen, which brought console like graphics to the computer, Wolfenstien, the first 1st person-shooter, Doom, which started a new video game craze with networked deathmatching, and Quake which started internet deathmatching. “The Rock Star”- John Romero- had a vision about become an ‘Ace Programmer, Future Rich Person’ and that came to be when He met “The Rocket Scientist”- John Carmack. With Carmack’s brilliant new engines that revolutionized the way video games were played, Romero saw big things to do with those engines. It tells the story of how they met in a small town in Shrevport, Louisiana and then went on to create ID Software, the best video game company for some time, all before they were 30.
David Kushner did a great job of telling the unique and inspiring story of how ID was built up, how Romero became a video game rock star, how Carmack wrote these revolutionary engines, how it all come together and the lives they effected. My favorite story to read was Carmack’s, because he did in the gaming world what I want to do on the web. Create something new, revolutionary, that no one has ever done before. While I might have a long way to go to do that, and I might not know what Im going to do yet, but this book inspired me to do my best. At the end of the book, Kushnet leaves you with this quote from Carmack.

If you want to set off and go develop some grand new thing, you don’t need millions of dollars of capitalization. You need enough pizza and Diet Coke to stick in your refridgerator, a cheap PC to work on, and the dedication to go through with it. We slept on floors. We waded across rivers.

Masters of Doom is a great book to read, especially if you are a gamer or a programmer. But the story is a unique one that will pull you into their world, through the ups and the downs, and leave you with the cliff hanger that is their present and future. Later!



This first person shooter brings you right into the action of a heinous struggle between ‘good and evil’. You are fighting a war against the helghast, which seems to be a, as Gamespot put it, “dark version of [your]self.” While you don’t spend alot of time (from what I have seen so far) getting to know who the Helghast is, you spend ALOT of time gunning them down. You go from a variety of different situations fighting the enemy with diferent guns on many different levels. One part I really do like about that game is it isn’t your normal run through killing everything shooter. If you do not use caution, you will die. You have to use some kind of plan to advance, which I think really draws you in, because you have to think out every situation you are in. What just worked in a control room isnt going to work in the court yard.
Plus, They give you some fan-fucking-tastic weapons to play with. The standard assult rifle you get has a weak zoom, and a granade launcher as its second weapon. That is your standard gun. The Helghast gun is like the assault rifle you have, except its second weapon is a shot gun blast. Some of the other weapons I have played with: a shotty, a missile launcher, a gun turret (which is super powerful) and a sniper rifle, which takes some getting used to.
Multiplayer is another fun aspect of the game. You can play with up to 4 people, and 500 bots. Yes, 500 bots. The bots are just like the helghast in the game, but probably a little smarter. The levels to play on are pretty big, and really fun. You get every weapon the game has to offer, including a portable version of the gun turret. But, just like in the campaign mode, if your not careful, you will die.
One thing i didn’t like at first was that you can’t jump. But as Phil put it, “Who jumps around like [in Halo] in real life?” A good point. As for having to get over obsticles, the game provides the alternative of when approaching an alternative, you hit X. SO, thats not so much of a bother anymore. All in all the game is fun, entrancing, and somewhat realistic. I highly recommend it. 9.5/10.