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Hi! I’m Joe Casabona.

I've been educating and empowering freelancers and podcasters for 20 years.

I do it by through courses at Creator Courses and for LinkedIn Learning. I also host a podcast called How I Built It.

Latest from Me

The Punisher- 8/10

April 17, 2004

I really enjoyed this movie. It was very entertaining. The actions scenes where he owned were great, but I really got into the movie especially when the family was being killed. This had some of the funniest, best deaths too. They were just funny, or you just said “wow”. However, there were some corny puns …

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Hell Boy- 7.8/10

April 9, 2004

Yes- I was pleasently surprised by the movie. I went in thinking it was over done, but didnt know to much about the comic. At first I thought it dealt to much with the paranormal and that kind of weird stuff. But hey, it worked for ghostbusters, right? This also dealt with religious stuff. What …

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Donnie Darko….

November 18, 2003

The Name of the movie we just watched. It was good. And there is alot to think about. One of those movies where u gotta take a second look. Its about time travel, portholes, and there is some Christ imagery. Definatly alot to think about. Other wise, I gave my speech today. I finally feel …

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