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Hi! I’m Joe Casabona.

I've been educating and empowering freelancers and podcasters for 20 years.

I do it by through courses at Creator Courses and for LinkedIn Learning. I also host a podcast called How I Built It.

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Catwoman….The worst ever.

July 29, 2004

Where should i begin. “The day I died, is the day i began to live.” G- that hasent been used in a fucking million movies. and that was the god damn theme of the movie. There was not one moment of this movie i enjoyed. Not one thing to save this movie. Not even Halle …

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The hits keep on coming!

July 27, 2004

The title has nothing to do with the entry. First and foremost, I got my paintball gun. Click to see a picture of it. My mask is pictured here- its the one on the left. They are thermal lenses so they dont fog. Good Shit. George Lucas is effectivly ruining his Star Wars films. This …

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The Bourne Supremecy…4.5

July 24, 2004

Ok- i didnt see the whole first one, but you really dont need to. I mean, you kind of do, for the begining of the movie. Anyway, it was awesome. Jason Bourne is still, 2 years later, trying to figure out who he was. Meanwhile, he gets framed for something that happened in Berlin, and …

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July 20, 2004

Really Funny. Ive been asking around to people who saw wondering if it was better than Dodgeball. Well- no. But it was still hillarious. And you know- Christina Applegate is hot. But anyway- freakin funny. And there were alot of camios from people. I recommend it. There is one extremely funny scene with Ron, and …

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I, Robot…3.

July 18, 2004

Ok- So i didnt like it. I mean, there were cool scenes. And some GFX Effects were cool. But some were lame. and there is this one element to the movie that i cant put my finger on it. They tried to do too much with it. And it reminded me too much of the …

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The Butterfly Effect…5

July 17, 2004

Holy Shit. First of all- this movie proves that Ashton Kutcher is not just some shitty comedy actor. Second of all- This movie was really fucking good. A movie that shows that no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone. Change One thing, change everything. It also presents the question If you could go …

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A Joyous Day Indeed

July 16, 2004

“Hi, Im Martha Stewart, and today on Living, we will learn how to break out of jail using just yarn and a hairpin.” Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Martha Stewart is going to prison. For 5 months. Thats almost 6 months! She is also on house arrest for 5 months. This makes me incredibly happy. …

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King Arthur…3.5

July 13, 2004

It was decent. I mean, every war movie follows a template. Hero who is trying to find inner self. Aragorn- king of men. Achillies- why does he kill? Arthur- is Rome really for freedom? cool fight scene at the beginning. Fellowship- the flashback battle. Troy- Where Achillies OWNS that guy- some no name. King Arthur- …

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Almost Working

July 11, 2004

Ok Kids- So A- I can’t log into blogger. Kinda Lame. But that does not matter, because I am Very Close to getting this working. Last Night I had an empifany, and I’ve been going nuts ever since. I couldnt believe i missed something as simple as an ‘IF’ Statement. Now that Ive got the …

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Dodgeball – Good, Funny- 5

July 5, 2004

Let me tell you all something about movies, as im sure at least one will have a problem with me rating this movie as “Good”. Since there are different genres of movies, you cant rate every movie on the same scale. you have to look at what the movie intended to do, and then rate …

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