Cigar Gift Guide 2017



Herrera Esteli

One of my favorites. Nicaraguan tobacco and a full bodied smoke that's flavorful and smooth all the way through. It's consistency has made it one of my go-to cigars.

The Liga Pravada No. 9

An incredible smoke all around. A complexly blended, beautifully crafted, smooth and silky smoke. It’s a full bodied cigar that doesn’t have the harshness of a full bodied cigar. I smoke this whenever I can.

The Liga Undercrown 

If the Pravada is a bit out of your price range, the Undercrown is your best bet. Another great smoke that's a bit sweeter and creamier than the Pravada, but just as complex and well crafted. Plus, the back story on it is pretty cool too.

Cigars by CAO

CAO Flathead

Talk about another beautifully crafted cigar. It's got a perfectly flat end that makes it unique along with a sweet and spicy flavor punch that makes this cigar a knock-out.

Amazon Basin

This unique cigar has wrapper leaves as the label which will certainly make it a stand out smoke, with no extra trash to boot! Making it even more unique is the fact that the tobacco comes from a remote part of the Amazon Rainforest!

CAO Consigliere

A cigar after my own heart! Based on the special Sopranos blend CAO did a while back, this cigar has a bold taste with hints of cinnamon and nut. This is definitely one to enjoy after dinner.

Pappy Van Winkle Tradition

Drew Estate has coupled with the Kentucky Bourbon maker to create a truly tasty cigar for anyone who enjoys their brown liquor. Bourbon, vanilla, and cinnamon all make an appearance in this flavor profile. Definitely not one to miss.


Rounding Out the Top 10

NUB Cafe Cappuccino

I love a good breakfast cigar and this one is one of the best. As the name suggests, it's cappuccino flavored, making it a nice light smoke that pairs perfectly with your favorite caffeinated beverage. A great way to start the day.

Alec Bradley New York

This is hands down one of my favorite cigars. It makes the list this year because Alec Bradley has stopped producing it, so if you find it, buy it! You won't be able to for much longer.

Whiskey Rebellion

This cigar is doubly good: excellent, full and complex taste (of cedar, espresso, pepper, and a little sweet) AND it's named after an American Revolution event. Even better, each size is named after a different founding father.

Lighters & Cutters

Every cigar smoker should have 3 items: a good cutter, a good lighter, and a humidor. I think Xikar makes the best stuff, and you can't beat their lifetime warranty.


Vertigo Intimidator

My favorite lighter by far! It's great, performant, wind resistant, and you can see it in daylight because it has a built-in light to make the flame change color. And at $24, it's a complete steal. My recommendation: by a few. One for your home, one for you car, and a bunch for your friends. 

Xikar XO

Xikar released a sexy new cutter last year that I love. The XO is round with self sharpening blades and a unique design. I love it. Its deeper cutting area makes it easier to eyeball how much to cut so you don't cut too much. Plus, it always gets compliments. 


Xikar Xi2

The Xikar Xi2 is my old standby. I have the carbon fiber one and it's super lightweight and self-sharpening, meaning you'll always get a great cut.

Xikar VX2

If you're looking for a solid V Cutter, Xikar's latest creation is the best. I picked up one for myself and one for my brother. It's a clean cut and the blade is sharp. Plus it's weighty, so it feels like there's some force behind it.

Xikar Volta Table Top Lighter

The Vertigo is a great travel lighter, but if you need a little more force, the Volta is a great lighter for lots of people. It's quad flame, holds lots of fluid, and is wind resistant. 

Humidors & Ash Trays

Humidors are something else that comes in all shapes and sizes, so you should definitely find one that fits your taste and style. Here's what I usually look for:


I have a 200 cigar humidor
(count is usually based on a Robusto sized cigar).

Solid vs. Glass Top

I prefer solid, since glass needs more management, like no direct sun.

Cedar Lining

A cedar lining keeps moisture better. No dry cigars!

Build Quality

A humidor should seal all the way around and closes fully.

Here a few good humidors:

  • This Cherry Humidor is great for a beginner. It was my first and served me well.
  • If you're looking for something more advanced, this locking, bilevel Desktop Humidor is a great one.
  • The one I have is currently out of stock, but truth me told, I have my sights set on one like this for my next.

If you travel a lot (like me), a good travel humidor is invaluable. Simple humidification is good for these. No cedar required. Here are my favorites:

  • Xikar 15-Count: Continuing with the Xikar trend, they also make excellent travel humidors. This one is well priced and really durable.
  • Xikar X-treme Rugged Travel Case: If you're looking for something more heavy duty, this is a great one. The nice part of this particular case is it has a knob to adjust the pressure of the case, so it's perfect for flying.
  • Small Cases: Smaller travel cases are great for nights out. I recommend this one by Rockwell or this leather 4-cigar case.
  • My next: I really want the Xikar Cigar Locker. I'll probably buy that shortly after the holidays.

There's only 1 Ashtray Company I recommend, and it's
Wicked Anvil.

I have a single ashtray and the one pictured. I love them both. Check them out here

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