What’s on my Desk (2020)

Back in 2018 I did a pretty big post about what’s on my desk. Since it often changes, I thought I’d make more permanent home for my current setup. Here it is as of Winter 2020.

My Main Desk - Marked
My current desk. You can see the old setup on the iMac monitor.

My Current Desk

Jarvis Standing Desk

My current desk is a Fully Jarvis Standing Desk and I love it. The full specs are:

  • 60 x 30″ Rectangle Top
  • Wire Management Grommets with 1 Powered Grommet
  • Silver Frame
  • Mid Range Height
  • Programmable Handset (the preset heights are totally worth it)
  • Standing Mat
  • Gray Cable Trays

I also have a side table from Fully I use as my writing desk. That will be covered next!

Everything on the Desk

So I numbered everything left-to-right (mostly). Here’s everything in the order they’re numbered:

  1. iMac Pro: After about year of trying the PC life, I decided it didn’t fit into my workflow that well, and I ended up fighting with it more than I would have liked. I picked up an iMac Pro and it’s everything I need it to be.
  2. UA Arrow: My preamp/interface. This converted a lot of hardware and wires into a single small box, with 1 wire, that fits on the foot of my iMac Pro.
  3. Logitech BRIO: I wanted a 4K web cam, and this seems to be the best for it’s price.
  4. Shure SM7B: My mic. I finally picked up the one I wanted at the end of 2018. I love it.
  5. Boom Arm: To keep the mic off my desk and out of my face.
  6. Auralex Acoustic Studio Foam: Mounted on some simple pegboard with 3M Adhesive Spray
  7. Bass Traps: Corners can wreak havoc on audio. Bass traps help reduce echo/reverb.
  8. Sunpak LED Video Light: For when I need a little extra light.
  9. Magic Trackpad 2: Mostly because I can use it while charging, but the gestures are nice too.
  10. Magic Keyboard 2: Space Grey one came with the iMac Pro.
  11. Rhodia Notebook: For all my meeting notes. Nice and big with lots of space. Fountain pen friendly.
  12. Gather by Ugmonk: This was the original impetus for me organizing my desk and it lookssogood. Jeff over at Ugmonk did a really stellar job designing this.
  13. Sony a6400: I picked this up do to better video work without relying on my iPhone. It has a Sigma 16mm fixed lens on it. You can see the whole Kit here.
  14. Amazon Basics Monitor Arm: When I got the iMac Pro, I wanted to save on desk real estate, so I got this arm and it’s a much smaller footprint.
  15. KRK Rokit 6 Studio Monitors: When I bought my house, I ditched my nearly 20 year old computer speakers and picked up these amazing monitors. They sound incredible.
  16. Satechi iMac Clamp USB-C Hub: I love this hub. It hooks into the vents of my iMac Pro and makes it much easier to plug other devices in, without having to reach around to the back of the machine,
  17. Neewer Ball Head: For flexibly mounting the camera.
  18. On-Stage Studio Monitor Stands: To keep my speakers off my desk.
  19. Adjustable Arm Extension: For more flexibility moving the camera. I took off the VESA mount and was left with a pre-drilled arm I could mount the ball head on.
  20. 8TB Western Digital: For my Time Machine backups.
  21. Droids Mug from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: I love this mug.
  22. CyberPower 1000VA UPS: Now that I have a desktop again, I don’t want a power outage to kill my work. This uninterruptible power supply does the trick (and probably more tricks that I need it to do).

My Writing Table

As I mentioned earlier, I also got a writing desk. I’ve always wanted an L-shaped desk but never had the room until we bought a house. Now I have a nice, big dedicated office. I got this table from Fully, and it matches my standing desk exactly. I use this for focused work like writing, journaling and planning.

My Writing Desk - Mared
  1. 13″ Macbook Air: After trying to live the iPad-only life for a while, I realized there were too many hurdles for the type of work I did. So I picked up the Macbook Air.
  2. Twelve South Curve: I was getting more productive writing done on the laptop, so instead of being hunched over, I got this beautiful and sturdy stand
  3. Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard: I love me a clicky keyboard, and this one is great. It’s bluetooth, connects to 3 devices, and you can customize the keys.
  4. Wrist Rest: Unfortunately it’s also very tall, so I got a wrist rest to help.
  5. iPad Pro 11″: I went on a bit of a vision quest in 2019 to figure out my desk travel gear, and I settled on the 11″ model after using the 12.9″ for a while. When I’m not traveling, it’s a tertiary monitor.
  6. Klearlook iPad Stand: I’ve tried many, and this one is my favorite for it’s relatively small footprint and sturdiness.
  7. Apple Pencil: Pretty much a requirement with the iPad Pro.
  8. Tomoe River Journal: I love the paper and how it lays flat. I use this for long-form writing and thoughts.
  9. Theme System Journal: My daily journal. I love it. Wrote about it here.
  10. Humanscale Element Disc with Tech Base: A very generous gift from a neighbor, this fantastic and flexible lamp is incredible.
  11. Standard Whiteboard
  12. William Hannah A5 Classic Notebook: This is my content planner. It’s pricey but SO worth it. It’s got lots of different refills and I use it every day. I went with the One Week Two Pages refill.
  13. Logitech Mouse: This one’s out of production, but truth be told, I want to get the MX Master 3 for all the button customizing you can do.
  14. Twelve South HiRise Wireless: I love Qi charging and this converts from a desk stand to a single puck that you can travel with.
  15. AC Infinity Rack Power Strip: Super clean looking and fits in the rack.
  16. Bose QuietComfort Headphones: For focused work.
  17. Auralex DeskMAX Movable Panels: These provide great support where I need them. I’ll move them when I record a YouTube video vs. a podcast vs. a standing video elsewhere.

Not Numbered /Pictured

  • Audio-Technica ART-M50X Headphones: These studio monitors are great. They’re my go-to headphones for playing back recorded audio, or just listening to music sometimes.
  • Elevation Labs Anchor: Those headphones sit on the Anchor, which is attached to the bottom of my desk and looks fantastic.
  • Elevation Shelf: This sits attached to the bottom of my desk and gives me just a little extra bit of storage.
  • Switchpod: I was pretty much instantly sold on this when I heard about it and absolutely love it. it’s lightweight yet sturdy, versatile, and very portable.

…I also picked up this workbench, which sits to the left of my desk.


In February 2020, my desk/setup went through a major change and I’m super happy with it. The only improvement I want to make now is changing out my box lights (not pitcured) for flat lights. They’ll light me better, without taking up too much space behind them. I’ll probably also strategically place more studio foam around the office.

What’s on Your Desk?

This is always of great interest to me! If you happen to like your desk, feel free to link to a photo in the comments or on twitter @jcasabona! Oh, and as promised, here are the unnumbered photos so you can get a good look at mine:

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