Why I’m Trying a Shotgun Mic for Videos

I love my Shure SM7B. It’s a fantastic sounding, forgiving microphone that I’ve been able to fine-tune over the last 18 months. It’s perfect for podcasts and screencasts. But when I got my Sony a6400, I noticed one problem: the mic is always in my way.

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I picked up a shotgun mic for that reason, and a few others!


How To Send Ninja Forms Submissions to Google Sheets with Zapier

Ninja Forms is a fantastic, free form builder for WordPress. But with the Ninja Forms Zapier Add-on you can super charge your forms and send data to all sorts of places, including Google Sheets. Here, you’ll learn how to build a simple, one-question survey, and capture the results in Google Sheets, thanks to Ninja Forms and Zapier.

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How a Podcast can Grow Your Business

Do you feel stuck in your business? Perhaps your mailing list isn’t growing like you want, or sales have flatlined. Maybe you’re wondering how you can establish yourself as an expert in the field.

I know how that feels. I know, because I’ve been there. When I decided to strike out on my own and become self-employed, I nearly failed. But the one thing that helped me the most was my podcast. And it can do the same for you.

Podcasting is a great way to grow your business and make more money. In 2018, Seth Godin said podcasting is the new blogging, and for good reason. The number of listeners is growing – fast! And a staggering 74% of people listen to podcasts to learn something new. You should be the one who teaches them.

And there’s still plenty of time to get in early. There are 31 million YouTube channels. There are less than 1 million active podcasts. Podcasting is the next big content plane. You need to be there.

But how? My course, Podcast Liftoff, will guide you, step-by-step, through everything you need to do from choosing a topic, to publishing, and even make some money. Enroll in the course, follow the steps, then publish your podcast and start growing your business! Podcast Liftoff will show you how to launch a podcast without wasting a ton of time or spend a lot of money.

Podcasting now accounts for 1/3 of my annual revenue. Imagine what you can do with a brand new platform to generate leads, get new customers, and even make direct money through affiliates and sponsorships. With Podcast Liftoff, you don’t have to imagine. Enroll Today!

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What I Learned Writing a Book for Beginners

Over the last few months I’ve been writing a book called HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide, 9th Edition. It’s my 4th published book and I’m excited about it because it’s a broader, more basic topic than I usually write. Because of that, I’ve learn a mega ton. Here, I break down the book writing process and everything you should take into consideration when teaching beginners.

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Creating Great Podcast Artwork (FREE Podcast Liftoff Preview)

This is a free lesson from my Podcast Liftoff: Launch course. If you like it, enroll. Use the code BUILD for 10% off!

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Most people will judge your show by your artwork, so you’ll want to make it look good. There are a few good guidelines for creating your show’s art that will help it stand out.